BurnYourBra discusses the difficulties of being a competitive female gamer

BurnYourBra: [The trash talk is awful], especially after a tournament match. And the thing is that it shocked me to the point that I didn't even reply. I beat this guy 2-0 and instead of a handshake and "good games" it was, "black bitch." I'm not saying that every player is like this but I think some people need to think before they speak or don't speak at all. If I was younger I would have probably knocked him the [heck] out but that's not why I'm there. I'm there to play, to gain the experience. I'm there to learn and I shouldn't have to worry about being disrespected in that manner.

Well, I don't feel that it was like this 10 years ago but there is what I call an “Asian Aesthetic” (as in meaning beautiful) in the fighting game community. There is almost an invisible rule in the way male gamers see female gamers in terms of looks. I've read and I have come across a lot of individuals who think because a certain person or persons are of Asian descent that they're automatically good. Now, I will admit, Japanese players are really good, that can't be denied. But when it comes in terms of females, it feels to me like it's almost a written rule that if you aren't Asian, and if you don't have the look that fits into this beauty hierarchy, then you're just not good. So, for me, I feel like it's a double standard that I really can't fight. I'm not Asian and I don't have the Asian Aesthetic look. I’m an African American female, so I am looked at as trash by some people.

Also, it is a male dominated community, I know of a few girls who have told me they don't have "the look" or “don't fit that ideal.” This ideal shouldn't be used as a rule for females who want to play. So for me, and this is my own personal experience again, I want to be judged by my play. You can say that I suck. And I'm fine with that. But when you base it on my looks then that's when I have a problem. I'm not there to please the males at the tournament with looks. I'm there to play and to get better. Judge me on my play rather than on my looks.

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Pozzle2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

This is pretty disappointing to hear, tbh. I know that trash talk is expected if you're playing online, but if you're at a public tournament, nobody (male or female) should have to put up with sexist or racial slurs. People are there to game, not to be judged on their appearance. As far as I'm concerned, if someone says something racist or sexist towards another player, they should be disqualified from competing. People shouldn't have to put up with that type of crap just because "its just the way it is". An example should be made of this sort of behavior.

And groups of guys finding hot girls to cheer for and ugly girls to boo at? No wonder there aren't more girls who want to get into competitive gaming, and no wonder general society thinks gamers are a bunch of immature morons :(