Battlefield 3 Aircrafts and Helicopters

People from EnterBF3 have compiled a list of so far revealed Battlefield 3 vehicles that were either mentioned or appeared in the official game trailers. Most important to notice is that the game is returning back aircrafts that were last seen in Battlefield 2.

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vekixd2795d ago

AH-64 is the most entertaining vehicle so far from the list. ;)

NewMonday2794d ago

Pleas DICE no more infinite ammo for helicopters

BeastlyRig2794d ago

lol then get ready for helicopters crashing into you when ammo is out!

Caleb_1412795d ago

It's an AH-6 not an MH-6, that's one thing the person got wrong with the video.

Bullshido2794d ago

Yes F16 was in Battlefield 1942's Desert Combat mod

kutocer2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Yes that is the mod or total conversion which ever way you look at it. It was not in BF1942 as it states in the list.

thatruth862794d ago

sick to my stomach lol this game is going to blow minds if havnt play battlefield play4free go try it pretty fun fly f16 n helis its worth it if u like the battlefield franchise