Mortal Kombat Kountdown: Liu Kang

"Liu Kang is also one of the most popular characters in the series, one of the best warriors of Earthrealm and has beaten many to prove his valor. Throughout the series, Liu Kang has been gradually portrayed as the main hero, becoming champion after the first Mortal Kombat tournament. The one character who could be considered the closest thing to a nemesis Liu Kang has is Shang Tsung, who has been repeatedly defeated in battle by the Shaolin monk. Because of this, Kang is often considered to be the biggest threat to the plans of Tsung and his emperor, Shao Kahn. He is a member of the White Lotus Society. Kang was killed by the Deadly Alliance of Tsung and Quan Chi."

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young7yang2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

mortal kombat looks like ass... don't get me wrong.. the stage design is good.. but the character design is really bad.. i am a big fan of the second game... its my personal favorite... but when it went 3d all lot about the realism in terms of the character features went down the drain.. i wish they would base lui kang on the person that played him in the original movie back in 95/96.. its sad really..... just look at games like virua fighters, soul calibure and tekken to give you an idea of how these games have evolved over the years in terms of graphics, style and believable looking 3d models.. to this date i still think vf5 and soul calibur 4 are the best looking fighting games.. i just wish mortal kombats character design would go back to that the original or part...

coolfool2832d ago

I actually agree with you about the character design. I think half the shock of the gore was that it was done on realistic looking people. I don't mind the 3d-ness per se but more realistically proportioned characters would definitely looking better.