Playstation 4 Is Ready And Waiting: Playstation 3 Has To Run Its Course

Sony remained firm on their position: the PS3 is here for the long haul – 10 years. Again, gamers might not be receiving any new PlayStation hardware for the living room, but we know Sony is already hard at work evaluating and making prototypes for the PS4.

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Mohdunknown2767d ago

the ps3 has not run its course imo. The system's best games are on the horizon.

Wanna bet? Give the ps3 a price drop and see how many people will flock to buy it at.

xc7x2767d ago

i agree,system still has a lot of life in it,lot of game franchise can be dropped onto it.

evrfighter2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

why would you want the ps3 for a few more years?

are you a masochist?

help me understand. What do you lose by having a new console that could easily be doing 1080p high fps with AA, besides your entire ps3 downloadable library? jk jk

what do you gain by holding on to an ancient piece of tech?

why aren't you fools demanding it? Is this fanboyism in its true form?

tdrules2767d ago

"What do you lose by having a new console that could easily be doing 1080p high fps with AA, besides your entire ps3 downloadable library?"


(providing the PS4 won't be even more than that at launch)

jessupj2767d ago

Of course we wouldn't say no to better graphics and physics in our games, but to be honest I'm very content with the games coming out now. I have a large backlog and there's still so many awesome games coming out this year.

However, I could very much understand if a lot of 360 fans would want a new console.

malamdra2767d ago

this year there's 20+ PS3 exclusives coming out plus some great multiplats

after this year there's going to be one more round for the big studios this generation, most likely in 2013

and after that comes the new generation: 2014

DeadlyFire2767d ago

Lots of life yes. Past 10 years maybe even. PS4 will be out well before 2014.

With new NES generation coming out. Its undoubtedly put the time clock on the table. You will see new console from both Microsoft and Sony within 2 years. E3 2012 is last day to show what you got or leave the table.

specialguest2767d ago

What?!? Haven't you heard? 720p is the "sweet spot". Why would anyone want to leave the sweet spot?

Lawliet2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

I'll bet a MILLION! The PS4 will not even need to make its appearance next generation. And even if it does it would most likely be about 2years late to the market, thus creating its own time stamp of its generation different from the rest.

Unless both Microsoft and Nintendo aim for equality to the PS3's power & quality. Just think about this, if somehow Microsoft and Nintendo is to release a new console to the market, whether are they aiming quantity for their new console? They will have to start off from ground building new game libraries. They can however make that console backwards compatible and still maintain with their old libraries, but what would be the point of it? The specific titles exclusives or not would still count as that FEW ones. The ratio would be [PS3]1000000:1[next-gen console].

And if they are to aim for something that surpass the PS3 by miles, the thing consumer hate most would be the cost. No way in hell will any of this next-gen cost as much as or lesser than the PS3 or just slightly different in price. No matter how they want to cut the price, PS3 will roll like pizza.

This can change only if the PS3 sold maybe 25million unit and Sony decided to stop support for PS3 and do the chicken run. But now the momentum ain't stopping down!

MysticStrummer2767d ago

@evrfighter - I'm still happy with the games I'm getting on my system. If you aren't happy with yours perhaps you bought the wrong one. If you're a PC gamer, that won't make sense to you of course, but I used to be a PC gamer and will never go back.

R8342767d ago

Because nobody wants to pay £500 for a brand new console when the PS3 hasn't, as the article says, run its course.

ProjectVulcan2767d ago

PS3 is by no means finished, not now, not this year, not even in 12 months from now. It'll still be around in two years producing quality titles for those who own the machine.


If Microsoft launch the end of next year, and Nintendo launch mid 2012 too, then you will all almost certainly be asking for the next playstation. This is how it always works. Once the competition have shown their hand then it is only natural for the questions to be raised about a new playstation.

When you see what the next generation could do, your eyes will be opened, and you will be demanding to see PS4. Microsoft must not be allowed such a lead again and so much negative press to build for a new playstation, i am sure sony know this. They will not hang about, next time round.

pixelsword2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

@ evrfighter:

"help me understand. What do you lose by having a new console that could easily be doing 1080p high fps with AA, besides your entire ps3 downloadable library?"

That's the whole point: The PS3 can already--and easily-- be doing 1080p high fps with AA. Wight Lair, Factor 5 already proved that it was possible in 2007; and in four years no other company, not Konami, not Santa Monica, not insomniac, Not Rockstar, not SuckerPunch, Crytek, Evolution, Valve, Epic, Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games, Capcom, Zipper, nor Ninja Theory have reached such stats within their games four years later.

If people dig into the PS3, there's probably a whole library's worthy of new code to be invented.

gamingdroid2767d ago

A new console released now at $400 will smoke any other console out there today in performance.

Since PS3 was released, computing power should have increased at least tenfold (a whole magnitude)! Since the Xbox 360 release it should have been around 15 times.

Imagine what you could do with that? You could actually now have FULL 720p (not the half assed resolution devs often make games that are supposed to be 720p) standard on every game easily!

This will make a huge jump in graphics....

TheLastGuardian2767d ago

Sony said 10 years. I believe the PS3 will still be sold until 2016. The PS3 will have great games coming out for it until around 2014 when the PS4 arrives.

You know Ninty and M$'s next consoles will cost more than the PS3 in 2012-2016 and I believe the PS3 will always have a better line-up of games. Move adds so much value and potential to the console.

Sony could come into next gen 2-3 years after the big N and M$ and the PS4 would blow those old consoles away and not have any competitors in the PS4's own generation 8.5 but until then the PS3 will be way more affordable than Wii 2 or Xbox 720.

RememberThe3572767d ago

I totally agree with you, mostly. But Sony doesn't just want a console that will be great now. They want a console that will be great for years. The PS3 has been great for year because it was so powerful when it came out. I think waiting a little longer for both Sony and MS is best cuz when their system finally drop they will be that much more powerful.

N4g_null2767d ago

Wow ev. I'm with you. I think these guys did not like the sticker shock. Then they all believe some magic code will unlock the power of the ps3.

Yet for some reason ms and nintendo could never make a more powerful system even though we have tech that is 20x better out on pcs.

The biggest problem is better game are being made now and they don't work too well on the ps3, ps4 or not Sony does not want to get out shined by new tech. It was fine when they had third parties eating out of their hands but having 3 hd ports is going to help sells a lot.

Third parties so far are Ms ace in the hole lots of gamers are not excited about ps3 exclusives just look at the sales after the release and peoples remarks.

This is not the time for Sony to circle it's wagons. They need 3rd parties and they know it. 4.1 is the future baby!

gamingdroid2767d ago

"But Sony doesn't just want a console that will be great now. They want a console that will be great for years."

That's the thing, technology isn't an investment. It's a commodity that get's used, quickly gets obsolete and frequently replaced. I don't to pay early adopters fee, but rather just frequently upgrade at a lower cost. On average, I will get better technology for less cost.

Reality is that Nintendo's business model is probably the best for both businesses and consumers.

MaxXAttaxX2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

From PS1 to PS2 and from PS2 to PS3, we have seen huge leaps.
The gap is not large enough yet. I don't wanna settle with current PC tech. I'd like to wait a couple of years and see some new advances.

Maybe in a couple of years at least. But NOT "right now". It'd feel too rushed.
Besides, think of the pricing.

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ct032767d ago

People also buy PS2 consoles still. Doesn't mean *I* would want one at this point in time.

RioKing2767d ago

Yeah, people in Honduras and Libya.

MysticStrummer2767d ago

@Rio - PS2 still nearly outsells the 360 in Japan.

YourCall2767d ago

Let's say hypothetically that PS3 runs another 4 years, would that not make the PS4 (ready and waiting) a bit obselete when it released 4 years later.

At the rate that technology moves with new things surfacing everyday, how can you make something today an shelve for 4 years and expect it to be state of the art when released.

Just curious how one could consider doing this.

If they continued to modify it each years, this it wouldn't be "ready and waiting".

RememberThe3572767d ago

I think your reading it wrong. Sony is still working on the PS4 it will keep improving as the tech improves. They're not making a system then shelving it then releasing it because as you say it would already be obsolete. When they said "shelved" a while back they most likely meant the plans for a more recent launch were shelved as they had probably gotten word of Nintendos new console and wanted to see how that went first.

But I don't think its right to think that Sony has/will made a new console shelve(d) it and then release it when it's old tech.

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milohighclub2767d ago

Lol people ain't even reading the title right, it say it has to run its course not that it has already run its course. Anyway I reckon this e3. If not def by the next.

Morbius4202766d ago

Why would Microsoft need to use Blu-Ray? They could put games on HD DVD and not pay Sony a cent. As for movies you can buy a Blu-Ray player for a little over $200. You'd be crazy to play movies off a console's drive anyway.

smackasauraus2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

There are $80 and $90 Bluray players now. In a couple of years they should be decent $30 and $40 blu-ray players.

demonddel2767d ago

you right i can sure use a blu ray player with my new tv

GarandShooter2767d ago

Yeah, I think the next XBox will use Bluray too.

RankFTW2767d ago

MS have to use Blu-Ray in the neXtBox or it will fail.

killershadow1172767d ago

The PS3 and the Xbox still have a long way to go, but to have a console ready right now? That just seems like it will be a little bit behind the other consoles if it is already built with parts from now. That's just my opinion though.

MysticStrummer2767d ago

It's not ready right now. Just the standard N4G misleading title. It says they're evaluating prototypes. That's a long way from a final product.

killershadow1172767d ago

I see, thanks for clearing that up. Usually I read the article but the title here seemed pretty self explanatory.

soren2767d ago ShowReplies(3)
egidem2767d ago

The title is a bit misleading (and this is going to receive so many hits) because it sounds as if Sony has already finished developing the PS4, and all they're doing is waiting for the PS3 to run its course.

BeckyLikesChocolate2767d ago


agreed. no need to move this fast. these people are crazy. here's a solution for them: buy a pc. it's always next-gen

Shackdaddy8362767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

I'm ready for next gen and I really don't care who disagrees. Can't wait for photoreal graphics and games such as KZ4, Uncharted 4, Crysis 3, and such. CANT WAIT!!

Ravage272766d ago

the PS3 still have not reached the $200 price point yet, this gen is far from over

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xc7x2767d ago

what kind of article was that lol. anyways Sony will announce a PS4 [or whatever they call it = NGC haha] before PS3 finishes it's 10 year cycle like they did last gen,because Sony keeps supporting / selling their products more than other game system manufactures do usually. there's no way they'll wait until 2014 / 2015 to announce their next one to arrive the following year or two. not going to happen.

CaptainPunch2767d ago

"Playstation 3 Has To Run Its Course" Yeah my ass lol

mushroomwig2767d ago

Run it's course already? Higly doubtful, if the PS2 can still sell after 10 years then there's no reason the PS3 can't.

Run it's course? Far from it guys.