Mabinogi celebrates its three year anniversary in North America

Shakespeare's famous story of love and tragedy is coming to embrace the world of Erinn. On April 27, the story of 'Romeo & Juliet' will be transplanted into Mabinogi, Nexon's fantasy-themed MMORPG. The integration of the classic tragedy is part of the free-to-play online PC game's third year celebration.

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frjoethesecond2744d ago

An Irish and Welsh fantasy game. Downloading now.

Tuxmask552743d ago

I've never played it. Let me know what you think.

frjoethesecond2743d ago

I like it. It's my first mmo though so my opinion mightn't be too valid. It's a 1.6 gb download so it's not too difficult to give it a try.