Gamerz411 Ep 10: Fan Made Remakes – Are They Better Than the Real Deal?

Gamerz411 is back with Episode 10: Fan Made Remakes – Are They Better Than the Real Deal?

We cover a variety of topics including games on deck, the new Mortal Kombat web series and video game, and how to get your hands on Motorstorm: Apocalypse right now. We also discuss the difference in entry to the game industry amongst DC Comics and the Marvel Universe as well as round up all the latest Capcom news from their Captivate event.

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9thGenHero2837d ago

All you need to know is GioSuave.

headhunter2837d ago

lol to funny buddy you guys rock and are the greatest

egm_hiphopgamer2837d ago

Mortal Kombat Forever, can't wait for that game and the web series was genius for them to create

RedDead2837d ago


S-e would never do it. Obviously being who they are they shut down this project.

Hitman07692837d ago

Check out this Sonic HD Fan Remake, you can download and install it also the author is sharing it as freeware

BetaChris2837d ago

This remake looks fantastic - here's hoping the creator got permission from Sega first, I'd hate to see it get pulled!

SpaceSquirrel2837d ago

Square Enix should consider a remake

truehunter2836d ago

they been doing that with FF3 an port over enhance graphic. They rather do ff1-6 then go 7+.