The Trilogy of Metal Gear In HD Could Be Announced at E3

This day appeared an article in the magazine PSM3 Magazine where as seen Sony is interested in bringing back one of its best franchises for Sony console this compilation would be in the form of HD for the PS3 console, so it seems that the announcement was leaked ahead of time and who had announced the next date of E3 in Los Angeles in June.

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QuodEratDemonstrandm2931d ago

Never played MGS1. Liked MGS2. Really liked MGS3. Hope this trilogy happens. I'm also kind of hoping the gameplay will be updated so they all play the same.

Washington-Capitals2931d ago

Just re use the MGS4 engine and ill be happy, but realistically speaking if there intentions were to remake all THREE of the previous games, they should have started right after MGS4, cause that would take some time to do.

Mr Tretton2931d ago

A lot of people still consider MGS1 the best, I personally think 1-4 are all masterpieces in gaming in their own right. I can understand people taking a step back and judging with a microscope after they are jaded with the whole thing, but ultimately each game is a benchmark, and a creation of very talented people using the tools they had at the time to create the best thing their minds could create.

Eternal respect to Kojima and his team.

MitchGE2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Quoted from the translated article:

"In the magazine article PS3M could find this comment on what they think about the games in HD "The current trend of remaking HD titles as Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia will continue with the revelation of the conversion to high definition of a great franchise PlayStation at E3 ""

Several journalists believe it's a MGS Trilogy, however the trend has also been purely from the PS2/XBOX/NGC generation, so to me it's more likely to be a Ratchet & Clank Trilogy or Jak & Daxter Trilogy, or some prominently Sony franchise like Onimusha, though all three franchises I mentioned actually have four games on PS2.

Just speculation though. These HD remakes are awesome deals and a great way to relive classics with modern adjustments like HD scaling, 3D support, Move support, and trophies/achievements. I'd be more than happy with a MGS Trilogy. Just give me MGS4 trophies already so I can be a happy completionist.

NewZealander2931d ago

i doubt they will do MGS1 unless its the gameqube version, theres no way they will put the ps1 version on a hd collection, it was great back then but by todays standards its almost unplayable.

so im thinking it would be MGS2 MGS3 and possibly MGS the twin snakes, and hey kojima isn't it about time we got trophies for MGS4?

BattleAxe2931d ago

MGS Collection FTW!!!! Lets hope that Konami makes this happen. On a side note, maybe Zipper can pull their heads out of the sand and make "The Socom collection", since Socom 4 is such a poor effort.

Electroshocked2931d ago

This would be awesome, it would give me the reason to finally get into this epic franchise.

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Dart892931d ago

No please...It's f*** yes please.

chidori6662931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

i prefer the Trilogy of SOCOM games..

StanSmith2930d ago

HELL NO! That would be a wasted collection in my opinion. It would be boring as hell to play them games now and there is no chance that they will choose Socom over the likes of Metal Gear, GTA, Ratchet & Clank, Or FF.

Electroshocked2930d ago

Ok, then paper is a conductible material for electricity...

malamdra2931d ago

it better be, after this we need a Final Fantasy HD collection with X, X-2 and XII

also, what's with the crotch shot on the picture above?

MitchGE2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Just noticed that after you pointed it out and I laughed out loud. When you choose a picture for an article it seems to auto select the middle of the picture if the dimensions don't match or something. It'd be worse if it scaled a vertically long full body pic and made Snake look like a chibi character haha.

M4I0N32930d ago

LoL, i thought the picture was purposefully taken like that.

Ravage272931d ago

i would like the announcement to be either FF or KH HD collection, but knowing SE they would only release them as stand-alone full price titles.

MGS collection seem to be the best bet and will be a great addition to my library since i haven't played MGS2.

Persistantthug2930d ago

But I wonder if they would release it for the XBOX 360 as well.

Also, I would like to have the Gamecube version (Twin Snakes) too....I never had a Gamecube so I didn't get to play that. :(

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Star512931d ago

and trooooopphies *stares into space drooling at the thought for 9 minutes*

Dart892931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )


EDIT:Sorry man trying to post a pix but i keep getting an error:(.

despair2931d ago

they may use twin snakes, the Wii remake. Actually I really hope they do that, if this is real as we all know the MGS hopes get dashed so often.

Persistantthug2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Was a Gamecube game.

Some might say Wii = Gamecube though.

Just kidding....


despair2930d ago

yea lol my mistake, all the same to me these days.

TronEOL2931d ago

I'm pretty sure this would sell wildly with the Metal Gear fans (and beyond). Not to mention it'd be a perfect chance for them to bundle in MGS4 with trophies and extras.

Making it a TRUE MGS collection (MGS1-4). But to be honest, a MGS4 trophies patch released at the same time as this HD Collection would be pretty cool too.