This Generation Is Over,We Need a New One

The consoles of this generation is reaching its limit because it has more than 5 years of being in the market because the technology is increased in a very fast so much the fact that all we have is becoming obsolete some of the comments made by some famous companies that made games like crysis, battlefield killzone or 3 are games that can change the way we look at a simple graphical game awesome graphics, we present the comments made by the companies where they tell us that this generation has nothing more to offer than the same.

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rabidpancakeburglar2925d ago

No, this generation still has a couple of years left in it

ultimate-remag2925d ago

its far from over!!! sony still has new games 4 us gamers..

antoniomt2925d ago

it might be over compared in what companies can do on pc

fluffydelusions2925d ago

So then let them do it on PC and stop whining. This Gen still has lots of life.

jony_dols2925d ago

2013 (in my opinion) is a good time for the next-gen of consoles. Would probably be happy with a 2012 E3 reveal from Sony & Microsoft.

Shackdaddy8362925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

My predictions for next-gen:

Wii 2 will probably go more towards hardcore while keeping its previous fans. Imagine N64 or SNES combined with some aspects of the wii. Therefore, I predict it will sell about as good as the wii but wont have as much of a gimmicky feeling to it. Therefore, its success will probably last longer. We will also see a new character which is way past due right about now.

Xbox 720 will probably push more hardcore after kinect and the lack of exclusives it had at the end of its life. Therefore, we will probably see a bigger push of exclusive and even more new shooter games than before.

PS4 will probably keep its exclusive streak. They obviously know that the fact that they have so many exclusives will increase their sales. Therefore, I predict that they will keep their exclusives from before while adding new ones. Their popularity will probably increase within the U.S. as it did for the PS3. This will create even more competition with Microsoft and contribute to some really good games on both sides.

EA will probably increase their success in games that they have been having lately. I can see a change to their sport game dilemma which has received a lot of flak for a long time. There will be a lot more new ips from them since this is their main focus. Respawn will probably come out with a game that will blow people away. I also truly think that they will finally release a good MoH game. This seems like a big focus in their fps department.

Activision will probably continue to spiral down. Next gen is the gen when CoD finally dies. They will probably then focus on Bungie. Their game makers who made CoD will probably move on to other games that fail in popularity compared to CoD. There will probably be confrontation with Blizzard as income starts to rely on them.

Dart892925d ago

Ahh no it's not i think we still got a few years left for this generation.

Pozzle2925d ago

Not yet!! I still haven't gotten the most out of my consoles!

tdogchristy902925d ago

Gaming wise and monetary wise!

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