Madden Creative Director Ian Cummings Confirms Departure from Tiburon

Pastapadre: "After breaking the significant news last Sunday that several high-level development team members are leaving the Madden NFL team a few days were given out of courtesy to see if any of the individuals would make their own personal announcements. When that didn’t happen it was important to reveal that creative director Ian Cummings, who had essentially become the face of the franchise over the last three years, was one of those on the way out.

Today was Ian Cummings’ last day at EA Sports and he has posted a quick blog announcing the move. It includes mentions of Madden 12 having improved Franchise and Superstar modes and that presentation has received an “overhaul."

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Bigpappy2742d ago

Good! May be they can finally make a new Madden after 12 years.