BioWare Working on New Xbox 360 Game: Project Zulu

BioWare's currently working on a new Xbox 360 game entitled, Project Zulu - with screenshots from the Xbox 360 debug marketplace to prove its existence.

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fluffydelusions2794d ago

I don't see any game screenshots? Well whatever...another timed exclusive I suspect.

TheEatingChampagne2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Mass Effect 1 was not released to the PS3.
Mass Effect 2 was released to the PS3 1 whole year after the Xbox 360.. That's a pretty long time for a timed exclusive

@FatOldMan, usually when people talk about exclusives they mean console exclusives.. No one gives a shit about the PC plus I consider it the same because they are both Microsoft's

fluffydelusions2794d ago

Even so, was still timed. No point in 3rd devs developing for only one console unless there is extra money involved.

Ducky2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Someone is going to play the 'what about the PC?' card eventually... might as well be me.
(Yea, I know. But the argument would've eventually been brought up. Best you get a chance to rebute it early. ;))

Anyways, since it's episodic, I guess it won't be on the same size/scale as their other games, and would be viable as an exclusive.

showtimefolks2794d ago

at the time of ME1 they were interdependent.

so MS or sony who ever wants a exclusive has to pay EA truck full of money

but we will see the closer we get to E3 the more of these rumors fly

starchild2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

@ TheEatingChampagne

Actually, lots of people care about the PC. Just because you might not care about it doesn't mean there aren't millions of people that do.

On the other hand, I do have to say that many PS3 followers are hypocrites. Every time the subject of graphics comes up they tell us PC fans to leave the discussion. They don't want to face the reality that the PC offers better graphics than the PS3 or 360.

The point is, when it suits their argument they want to act like the PC is just another gaming platform, but turn around and ignore it altogether when it doesn't suit their agenda.

When they are trying to attack the 360 by saying that most of its exclusives are really just "multiplatform games" they treat the PC as just another gaming platform the same as any other. But when it comes to discussions about graphics they suddenly want to exclude the PC. All of a sudden the 'console' distinction becomes quite valid for them.

Which is it? Either the consoles are in their own category, in which case concepts like console exclusives do make sense. Or the PC and consoles are all in the same category as gaming platforms, in which case the concept of console exclusives doesn't make sense and the PC should be included in debates about game graphics.

awi59512794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

@ plbelanger

And by the way plbelanger all the metal gear games were timed exclusives except the last one so what whats you point. Everyone still thinks its a Playstation game so shut it.

MrBeatdown2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Not sure why you guys are even bringing up exclusivity. Nothing here rules out a PS3 version. Besides, EA owns Bioware. EA is multiplatform, so the odds of this being exclusive are slim to none.


PS3 followers aren't some hive mind that all say the same thing. To call many of them hypocrites is to basically generalize the opinions of millions. There are those that ignore PC and there are those that recognize it. I'm sure there are a few hypocrites here and there, but to lump the two sides with differing opinions together and call them hypocritical is ridiculous. It's about as ridiculous as calling Americans hypocritical because Republicans and Democrats have differing opinions.

Redgehammer2793d ago

That was well said, and also true.

JoySticksFTW2793d ago

"Every time the subject of graphics comes up they tell us PC fans to leave the discussion. They don't want to face the reality that the PC offers better graphics than the PS3 or 360."

I don't think there's a person that actually denies that PC graphics can blow console graphics away.

I think that the point is it's so obvious, gamers are like why even bring that up? And it makes the PC gamers look like "elitists".

It would be like 360 / PS3 fans bragging that their consoles have better graphics than the Wii. It's not worth bringing that up.

360 and PS3 are the most direct competition, as they (were?) competing for the same market and are generally capable of similar results.

Christopher2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

ME1 - 360 & PC
ME2 - 360 & PC & PS3
DA:O - 360 & PC & PS3
DA:O Awakening - 360 & PC & PS3
DA2 - 360 & PC & PS3
ME3 - 360 & PC & PS3

I believe a trend has already been set...

IMHO, the _only_ way it will be console exclusive to the 360 is if Microsoft is practically paying for the development of the game. EA and thereby BioWare are always about getting as much of the pie as possible.

Even with Dead Space 2, you can almost guarantee that Dead Space: Extraction had a lot of financial help from Sony to get it on the PS3 as well.

NiteX2793d ago

Only moronic losers don't consider the PC when saying shit about exclusives. And yes I'm talking about 360 fanboys if you're too slow to catch on.

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rrw2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

well few 360 exclusive should not be problem.

it is boring to see if only ps3 that have exclusive.

inb4 disagree

BLACKBOIJONES2794d ago ShowReplies(3)
Thecraft19892794d ago


''No one gives a shit about the PC plus I consider it the same because they are both Microsoft's ''

1. Tell that to 20 million + that bought first gen ati dx11 cards and 5 million plus that bought starcraft 2 or 3.5 million people that bought crysis 1 or the millions of people who still buy Mulitplats.

2. no its not same MS make no money of PC gaming unless they publish the game. They only make money of windows.

sonicsidewinder2794d ago

Don't worry about puny minded fools. ;)

2794d ago
Ducky2794d ago

^ Not all PC games require Windows though.

There's many that officially support Macs and Linux. Whereas others can be ran through workaround.
Just a minor tidbit I wanted to add. =)

2794d ago
Aarix2793d ago

I believe he means pc doesn't matter cause if you have one then it really doesn't matter cause the only People that care are in the "console" war. Also since the pc is way to superior no one attempts to bash it.

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StifflerK2793d ago

Unless it's a kinect/hybrid game in which case it will be.

ramon_v2793d ago

i wouldn't get too worked up over this.

it seems to me like it's just some sort of placeholder that has a joke description. it's probably the placeholder for Mass Effect 3, i reckon.

there is a prominent user on the BioWare forums named Zulu_DFA:

"Project 'Zulu' Episode Two: The Contaminated Truth" as the description might even be a veiled nod to that guy and some of his weirder conspiracy theories on the ME universe.

anyway, i wouldn't read too much into this being a new game or an exclusive anything though... unless BioWare makes an official announcement about it.

Persistantthug2793d ago

EA owns Bioware, and EA is greedy.


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TheEatingChampagne2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

What is there to doubt? You forgot Mass Effect was originally an Xbox exclusive?
I really hate you PS fanboys and I'm sad that Bioware decided to bring this amazing game to you..
Not talking about the normal PS owners but about you the fanboys.. You don't deserve it

sdtarm2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

u mad?

its probably a multiplat game anyways, js

TheHomerPimpson2794d ago

Dude...if you really love Mass Effect (like me) you should be happy it was released on PS3 as it means more people get to enjoy the series (fanboys or not). I really don't get this dedication to one console or the other, a AAA console exclusive just means that the other platform has to work that much harder to compete with the other. As the consoles battle it out, the consumer wins.

ksense2794d ago

mass effect 1 was exclusive because EA did not own them at that time. Now that EA has control over Bioware there is no way this is gonna be exclusive to xbox. the best you can hope for is a timed exclusive and that too only a month like cod. trust me EA is not going to miss out on money from other platforms!!

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TheLastGuardian20102794d ago

It's always good when a developer decides to expand on new franchises, rather than "sticking to there guns" so to speak. They could easily settle with Mass Effect, and Dragon Age and milk the series to oblivion. It's good to see that they still want to try new things. Always a good sign of a good development team.

As to what this franchise will behold. A part of me wishes they'd do something akin to Jades Empire. A theme that's very unexplored in the gaming medium, but what?

Perhaps a ancient greek rpg?

ME19892794d ago

Anything Bioware and I'm automatically interested.

sonicsidewinder2794d ago

He will be the shinobi...

2794d ago
Tripl3seis2794d ago

I like to see a new jade empire they haven't truly explore that much of that franchise yet I hope they make one one day.