Halo: Reach has a problem

Theater mode footage from a recent betrayal incident reveals some major problems with the spawning, betraying, and booting systems currently in Halo: Reach.

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Dan_Vivian2835d ago

please tell me you're basing this on more than one video?!?

Stuff like this happens in every game, especially when it comes to online play. That sort of thing has happened to me in Call Of Duty, Bad Company 2 and Reach.

Xander7562835d ago

You've been booted from Call of Duty for "betraying" a guy that spawned on you into a wall? What?

Dan_Vivian2835d ago

I didn't say that exact thing happened to me in Call of Duty, just similar things have happened in terms of weird spawning. Just like the thing that RedDeadDestroyer was talking about.

RedDead2835d ago

First time i've seen bad spawning in Halo at all, but I agree that this is one is especially weird, however in Blops, I spawned, and enemy spawned directly in front me. liiterally less than a metre away, I killed him, then an ally spawned in the exact same place, I also killed him not knowing he was an ally and got kiked, this all happened in within 3 seconds. Hate the spawning in that.

H2OAcidic2835d ago

You do know in the game mode you spawn behind the player. So he was against the wall and where else could he have spawned.

ASSASSYN 36o2835d ago

I have been playing halo reach since day one. This is rare occurrence when not intentional. But also a tool. It works through shields and many walls. Such as those on invasion maps. Wink wink.