Drug dealers use Wii to smuggle drugs in New Jersey

From PGN: "A package was discovered in Newark, New Jersey today and in it was a load of drugs. These smugglers used several different devices to try and hide the drugs and one of the most surprising was probably a Wii mat..."

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DolfZigglers2795d ago

Drug dealers are just as bad as alcholics. Whineos will hide their vodka bottles in the top of toilets and drink them later. Doesn't surprise me to see that smugglers would use something like a Wii to bring drugs into a neighborhood.

fr0sty2795d ago

If those drugs were only legal and regulated, those dealers wouldn't have a black market to thrive in because their prices wouldn't be able to compete with the legal ones. It would be too dangerous to try to sell on the black market for a tiny fraction of the profit they used to be able to make when the drugs were illegal and they got to decide how much those drugs would cost. So, they'd all go out of business.

That, and those dealers probably aren't carding anyone buying from them, so it is making it much easier for the very kids who that Wii was designed to entertain to get their hands on the drugs the dealers were hiding inside of it.

Sun_e2795d ago

Drug dealers will do anything to get drugs across borders.

SKUD2795d ago

Finally a good use for the wii. I'm ok with this.

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The story is too old to be commented.