Sports Champions Dev Working on New PS3 Exclusive

Seen as the PlayStation Move’s answer to Wii Sports, Sports Champions is arguably the best game on the controller, offering a fun experience, while teaching gamers how to use the device. Sports Champions developer Zindagi Games are now creating yet another PlayStation 3 exclusive, presumably for the Move.

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doctorstrange2745d ago

More exclusives. I actually pretty enjoyed SC - even though we had to buy the thing separately in the UK (bastard SCEE)

user94220772745d ago

I played it a few months back and I really enjoyed it; the ping-pong was impressive; the spin you can apply with the Move is just really great.

Can't wait for the developer's next title.

AK462744d ago

yeah! but their is no online play, which sucks considering this day and age.

Just_The_Truth2744d ago

no online killed the replay value because even though you can make it work fitting two people jumping around in camera view is hard and not very fun online gladiator would be crazy

metsgaming2744d ago

yea this time though they need more sports if they make another sports champions. The gameplay was good but they need more sports to play. I spent almost 30 hours on SC.

ComboBreaker2745d ago

Hopefully, this is a hak and slash game utilizing the Playstation Move.

ftwrthtx2745d ago

I really enjoy SC. I just don't want to see a bunch of shovelware like the Wii has.

will_c_752744d ago

Probably sports champ 2 with more sports and course creator. On a side note, I think the game Vanquish would be great with the Move.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

SC is one of the best games for PS Move, and it proves how awesome the Technology is, simple as that.

And when you play the hardest difficulty, you need Skills to won.

Can't wait to see what they are developing, and I hope they include Multiplayer Online.

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The story is too old to be commented.