WorthPlaying: Oops! Prank Party Review

WorthPlaying writes: "When you make a game for a genre that's especially crowded on one system, you have to come up with some sort of gimmick to help it stand out from the crowd. Whether it's an unconventional story, use of famous characters, or placing twists on the genre itself, anything that can help get a game noticed is always welcome. In the case of the minigame genre on the Wii, though, it almost feels like any and every gimmick out there has already been taken. You can walk into any game store and easily see minigame compilations featuring all types of sports, famous actors and athletes. Just because it feels like the good gimmicks have been taken doesn't mean that every idea is gone, and Hudson proves just that with its latest minigame compilation, Oops! Prank Party. Unfortunately, the gimmick is pretty weak, and so is just about everything else".

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Neko_Mega2925d ago

Lame, didn't know of this game. Then again I haven't see much ads for the Wii.

3DS yes but not Wii.