Beware if you are selling Second Life land today

Examiner writes "Some of my land on the Second Life mainland may have been stolen this morning. Either that or it's a major Linden Lab error. I'm writing this now so others can beware until I find out what caused it. "

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DevilsJoker2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

This isn't even a news story, it's a tech support ticket someones published online. It's like if I published an article about that one time I lost 3 games apps from my Iphone because apple updates suck and expected N4G to care...

ChrisW2743d ago

Expecting the N4G community to care is like asking them to give up their console. It ain't going to happen.

[BTW, weren't such social games the thing of yesteryear? I'm surprised they're still going strong.]