Why Valve’s Crazy Marketing Is A Good Thing

RipTen: Valve is a company that simply gets marketing.

The beloved developer is taking a highly unconventional approach to generating buzz for Portal 2.

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Kran2743d ago

Before the potato sack, I didnt really go on Steam much.

Now, im on it a lot.

Valve, you are the best <3

CrzyFooL2743d ago

I'm playing AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaa aaaaahhhhh right now. It's the focus. Read about how to make the whole thing go faster here!!!

Urmomlol2743d ago

Whenever I want an incredibly naieve perspective from the casual person who knows absolutely nothing about how the industry functions or even the most basic fundamentals of marketing, I enjoy reading Ripten.

jaredhart2743d ago ShowReplies(3)
tdrules2743d ago

VALVe are the kings of marketing bar none.

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The story is too old to be commented.