Garters & Games: Customization vs. Direction

GamerNode's Nikki Lee writes: Girls love choices when it comes to appearances, whether it's the number of different shoe styles and colors to go with an outfit, makeup shades, or even colored contact lenses. So it's no wonder that when we are given the option to customize the main female character in a video game, we usually take a crack at it or spend a considerable amount of time perfecting our in-game look.

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amlabella2924d ago

In regards to mods, I wish they could be introduced to console games. I'm also interested in customization options that even apply to the overall game (the game world, music, etc.), and since I don't do much PC gaming that's something that I often miss out on.

italianbreadman2924d ago

I love this perspective. It's almost alien to many gamers.