Japanese Gamers Find Reach Most Satisfying Game.

Japanese gamers quizzed on which games they find most satisfactory have not only granted top position to a non-Japanese game, but to a non-RPG as well, in the form of Halo: Reach…

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BK-2014313d ago

I call bullshit, the majority of Jap gamers don't even have a 360.

NaiNaiNai4313d ago

did you even read the article?

It is not about how many copies the game sold, or how many people play it. Its about them being satisfied with the game itself. pretty much people gave ratings on there favorite games they where playing and the games with the highest score is most satisfactory. Halo actually had a lower sale rate but it would seem the gamers really enjoyed it.

Warprincess1164313d ago

But i thought Japanese people hate FPS?

chidori6664313d ago

japanese are smart people.

room4144312d ago

maybe that's why they don't buy 360's over there

Cerberus21254312d ago

chidori666,if this article is anything to go by,the,Japanese were smart people

coryok4313d ago

i wonder who was responsible for the poll and who paid for it. how the testing was done may be a major factor.

for instance if the majority of the people they asked were actually people living on a US military base in japan than these make sense

NaiNaiNai4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

Please explain why it HAS to be Americans who voted for reach.

BTW what is with this massive stereo typing on gamers? Asians don't only like RPGS. Just like Americans Don't only like shooters, Or European people like Soccer games only.

Open your mind more please.

Ducky4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

Some asians are scary good in shooters.

SuddenAttack is popular from what I've heard (not in Japan though)

However, all those ads on that site sure aren't helping japanese stereotypes. =/

MysticStrummer4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

Japanese Gamers Find 360 Least Desirable Console. This poll is highly suspect. I'd need more details about who was asked and how many and all that business before I'd believe this. If it's true, then... wow. Actually if it's true then 360 sales in Japan should skyrocket. If such a small percentage of people could have possibly played this game there, how can they represent "japanese gamers" as a whole? I'm in the US and I don't know anyone with a 360 anymore... maybe I should write an article saying Americans Abandon 360, since that's what happened in my gaming circle and I know multiple people who did it.

Ducky4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

Before you go off writing that article, perhaps you should read this article first?

It's based on satisfaction of customers who bought the game. So it's based on percentage of buyers who were satisfied with the game.

newn4gguy4312d ago

Out of the one person who bought Reach, one person was satisfied.

Way to grab the Japanese audience, Bungie. -_-

In all honesty, few developers pay fanfare as well as Bungie. They love their fans. I just don't happen to be one of them.

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