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Crysis 2 delivers on consoles. It offers fresh concepts to the oversaturated shooter genre with its large environments and variety the Nanosuit offers to exploration and combat. The story is interesting and offers a longer campaign experience than other high profile shooters of recent months at 8-hours plus. The audio and visual presentation is absolutely stunning...

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SurfnUSA2744d ago

Pretty honest review. It's not a perfect game but I was never expecting that and am happy enough with what it turned out to be.

Loccus2744d ago

I agree, not perfect but fun!

Ace_19752744d ago

I enjoy the game but I think the graphics are a bit over rated. Take away the lighting and it would look pretty average. Textures are not the best and the frame rate is pretty awful on consoles.

I would still give it 9/10 for gameplay though.

Tyre2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

There are a legion of reasons this game is superb overall and definitely better than most best selling FPS series, but in every comments section some people still give these over-exaggerated little faults as a reason the game doesn't deserve to be awared...go back now to look at what came before...look at the graphics and the gameplay...MGS4 also has lowres textures but that's just all accepted by everyone...nobody mentioned them back in the day, cause it's just not worth mentioning. Do not give into these, invalid spoiled PC Elite Geek/deluded Fanboy arguments about it being is a superb game and Crytek's their 1st release on consoles next to PC and it is certainly welcome and one hell of an addition to this Gen Consoles.