When will we see some real DirectX 11 stuff?

More and more games are getting Directx 11 support.Games like Crysis 2 and Shogun 2 are getting DX 11 patches,but when will we see games that are fully using DirectX 11 capabilities?

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Pandamobile2928d ago

Battlefield 3 will most likely be the flagship DX11 title. The engine was built from the ground up to support DX11.

fluffydelusions2928d ago

Yep. I think we will see a lot more in 2-3 years or whenever next gen arrives. Most devs these days just port from console to PC and if the game does have any DX11 support it is just tacked on so they can say they used it. BF3 is the only one off the top of my head built around it.

Substance1012928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Most games are now console ports, I think the next DX(be it 12, 13 or whatever) will only really be used when next gen consoles are out.

At this point Nvidia and AMD are only using DX as a selling point, i would suggest we just ignore them and stop buying new hardware.

They should realise without the software, hardware wont sell either.

xer02928d ago

2-3 years sounds about right.
But I wouldn't hold my breath for DX 11 for next gen.

We'll likely be using DX 12/13.

ComboBreaker2928d ago

When DirectX becomes programmer friendly instead of engineer friendly.

osamaq2928d ago

what do you mean ? could you explain more please .

BeastlyRig2928d ago

& whenever stalker 2 comes!

To bad Epic games don't have the balls to move ahead of consoles & use that updated dx11 engine!

Even by then dx12 might be out!

cool19902928d ago

But that doesn't mean that's all DirectX 11 is capable of.

BigKev452928d ago

I'll just wait for super super duper MvsC3.

cool19902928d ago

Is DirectX 9.0c programmer friendly?

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The story is too old to be commented.