Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 'Resurrection' DLC News Coming Soon

While David Cox and his team at Mercury Steam are hard at work on the final piece of DLC for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow titled ‘Resurrection’, it has been stated by the producer that we’ll be hearing from Konami about the upcoming DLC soon.

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undercovrr2741d ago

Tip for future DLC: Don't release it half a year after the game..most people already lost interest in the game

Eamon2741d ago

I wonder has the Reverie DLC been released yet on 360?

JBoc9732741d ago

It’s coming this coming Wednesday, as well as a full release in Europe.

Ahasverus2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

What do you prefer, well done DLC made after launch or quick cash-in's had to be there in the first place?

RankFTW2741d ago

Couldn't agree more man. I usually sell my games when I finish playing them to get max trade value so have missed this DLC and I would have liked to play it as I thought the game was awesome. I like when they publish DLC when the game comes out as I usually buy that then but leave it too late and they don't get my money.

jimmywolf2741d ago

with so many games been made it hard too enjoy dlc as much if they come out 3 month + after game out as you want buy new games an trade in old ones

2741d ago
tawak2741d ago

damn! my ps3 is broken for a month now. i havnt brought a replacement since there is no games that caught my interest..looks like i need to get my replacement soon! i love casletvania lord of the shadow!