Amy Hennig: There’s More To Sully Than Meets The Eye

How much do we really know about Sully? Not much really. Only that he’s Drake’s mentor and the two go way back. But it seems as if there’s lots more to the man, with Naughty Dog creative director Amy Hennig admitting there’s more to the foul-mouth veteran thief than meets the eye.

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ps3bestever2742d ago

sullllyyy you are awesome man. But GOTY will be GeOW3 :P

Kran2742d ago

'Fraid not. Going to be Portal 2, Mass Effect 3 or Uncharted 3.

fluffydelusions2742d ago

Don't forget about TLG if it releases this year.

aCasualGamer2741d ago

Wouldn't it be awesome if Naughtydog started another trilogy of Uncharted series after Uncharted 3 and the main character was a young Sullivan?

That would be sooooooooooooooooooooo awesome i can't even begin to imagine the adventures Sullivan had before he met Nate.

N4Gsukballs2741d ago

Dont forget Elder scrolls!

ThatArtGuy2741d ago

It has already been stated that Uncharted isn't a trilogy. It's a franchise with no set end.

LordZ2741d ago

Adding Batman Arkham City and Battlefield 3 for GOTY contenders.

Chitown712912740d ago

LMAO! @ps3bestever. Dude im sorry....its just hilarious that nobody agreed wit you

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Agent Smith2742d ago

"There’s More To Sully Than Meets The Eye"

You mean he's more awesome than he already is? Badass.

theonlylolking2742d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Playing GeOW3 beta and it should not be GOTy against other games like ones Kran named. The SP has to be REALLY good if it is going to win GOTY. Online is not enough.

Dsnyder2741d ago

Sully is the Origami killer.

KingofGambling2741d ago

no way!!!
nice going detective
there goes my Heavy Rain this summer.

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movements2742d ago

We'll see about that. Uncharted 3 is looking like a blast. But we'll see who wins it.

Kran2742d ago

Indeed there is.

A couple of times playing Uncharted I have always thought Sully was a bad guy.

Proved me wrong every time.... could still happen ;P

news4geeks2742d ago

The man is a thief and a perv, deserves everything bad coming his way in U3.

NarooN2741d ago

Nate is a thief and a womanizer, guess he needs to die as well huh?

Get the fuck over yourself and leave your bubble.

Rage_S902742d ago

damn these little titbits are getting me hyped

Lamarthedancer2742d ago

Sullivan’s Travels....sounds like one of those tourist boat things

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