“Duke Nukem Forever succeeds by understanding what was great,” about the series, says Pitchford

VG247: Pitchford talks about the game’s “exaggerated reality,” and how he feels “gratified and humbled” to be part of the process in getting the game released. He also reminisces about what was so great about the first game, and how DNF brings those elements to life again.

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NJShadow2926d ago

That's why I've never bought a Duke Nukem game. =/

Alos882926d ago

Honestly, while this looks like fun, I think it's relying too heavily on nostalgia for a game that hasn't aged nearly as well as other FPS games from that period (Half Life for example)

MrChow6662926d ago

theres a gap of at least 2 year between the 2 games, back then that was a lot