Portal 2 requires mandatory PS3 firmware 3.60 update

Gamersmint writes: Valve’s upcoming release, Portal 2 is the first game to require an mandatory install of PS3 Firmware 3.60, which was released back in March. This means that you won’t be able to play the game on any earlier installed firmware.

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Warprincess1164360d ago

This is great. Sony needs to make every upcoming game uses this. If these pathetic hackers never tried to hack the system. Sony wouldn't have to do things like this.

movements4360d ago

That's good news. Sorry hackers.

GrieverSoul4360d ago

If you go by the usual "homebrew" sites, you see all those cry babies cursing Valve and Sony for this. Its like they have a right to play these games on their hacked systems.

I know they will find a way but its just sad that people take this software piracy issue so lightly.

Soldierone4360d ago

Poor babies...I feel bad for them. Wait no I don't. Want to hack? Dont update who cares, its your choice.

Wanna play online and enjoy Steam? Update. End of story.

RankFTW4360d ago

Been on 3.60 since it came out so no big deal for me.

MaxXAttaxX4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

And I don't think it has anything to do with hacking, really.
Here's what it does:

- Allows PlayStation Plus subscribers to store up to 150 MB or 1000 game save data files online, whichever comes first. This includes 'copy-prohibited game data'. Such data is restorable once every 24 hours.
- Now allows a choice of 10, 20, or 30 minute power save feature for automatically turning off controller.
- Changed Friends List sorting.

dantesparda4359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

"Changed Friends List sorting"? what exactly did it change/do?

MaxXAttaxX4359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

I supposed you'll have to press 'triangle' on your friends list for the mini menu to pop up and see.

RankFTW4359d ago

It now sorts your friends by capitilised first letter then by small first letter, kinda messed up the alphabetical order it used to be.

Commander_TK4359d ago

Hacking can also be used for good things, u know...

Zydake4359d ago

why does have a tag for 360?

HolyOrangeCows4359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

Didn't PSP use this method in a lot of games? You had to upgrade to the latest firmwire, which was on the game disc some times, didn't you?

Pfft, with 25GB or 50GB available, more should use this method.

EDIT: the FW on the disc? If not, that's a load of BS for gamers without an internet connection.

MaxXAttaxX4359d ago

You can still download the update from any computer and transfer to your PS3.

saladthieves4359d ago

Prevent hackers from playing new games: check!

Rival_314359d ago

The update will be on the disc. I think that's how it's always been if it requires the update..

GameSpawn4359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

"Hasn't this update been out for a while already?
And I don't think it has anything to do with hacking, really."

3.60 also included the final bit of security fixes to completely implement a white-list for pre-3.60 security software and games.

Between 3.56 and 3.60 Sony changed the encryption, decryption, and signature keys to be able to black-list the compromised keys and kill the "Jailbreak" CFWs. This is why hackers haven't upgraded beyond 3.55 and keep trying to spoof their way onto the PSN. This is also why they would be mad at Sony and Valve for this Steam restriction.

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fr0sty4360d ago

This probably has less to do with the hackers than it has to do with Sony integrating steam directly into PS3's firmware. A sign of things to come.

MaxXAttaxX4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

Hmm very good point.

Anyway... yay, only a few days till Portal 2!

ReBurn4359d ago

Yes! Two more days and my copy is already paid in full. The two for one deal is awesome, too, as I'll be playing on my PS3 at home and on my Mac on the go.

Valve rocks so hard.

Thecraft19894360d ago

Yes its good news but they already did this before anything happened. New firmwares use newer things that may have been including in the firmware to help devs.
An example would be Sony making XMB use less ram so developers have more play with for games.

My point is that eventually pirates will left with no future game support even they get the 3.60 npdrm keys.

So they will left with all that amazing home brew and linux support they ask for. While we all play amazing new ps3 exclusives.

Graphics4360d ago

Warprincess are you 10 years old?

And why is a game needing 3.60 mandatory update news? I guess N4g turned to N4p.. News for Pirates.

theonlylolking4359d ago

N4G-news for gamers.

So that means this is the kind of news "gamers" want.

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Serjikal_Strike4360d ago

I'm ready...
cant wait till tuesday!

psb4360d ago

I hope those filthy pirates can never make a custom firmware for this one, so that Sony doesn't need to release another security fw update and we can all live happily evert after.

Also, Warprincess, bubbles for you!

fluffydelusions4360d ago

Good, keep the scurvy pirates away from this gem.