Worldwide Weekly Chart < Week Ending 09th Apr 2011 >

The week's top-selling games ranked by unit sales

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eagle212744d ago

3D$ :)

Look$ like the 3D$ is a hit! :)

sdtarm2744d ago

another crap article brought to you by bigpappy

RSPproductionz2744d ago

i love how slow the xbox fanboys have been to post the worldwide numbers up for the last few months.

incase anybody is wondering ps3 outsold xbox every week this year except for 1 week i think. and factor in the ps3 being 100 euro more expensive, it will explode next year when it gets its price drop.

imagine we are coming through the biggest recession the world has seen in 70 years and the ps3 does this good at that price point.

when they drop the price microsoft will probably have their next console out within a year

Seijoru2744d ago

The saddest thing is how much an absolute shit game like homefront sells as much as it does on the fact that it looks like CoD alone.

Muerte24942744d ago

According to VGChartz, Ps3 outsold xbox360 last month by 98k. Of course, this is VGChartz so I'm expecting it to be a bit larger than that. VGChartz will forever inflate 360 numbers and deflate ps3 numbers. People think just because the ps3 is being outsold in America, that it's bombing there. Xbox360 and Wii have already reached the consumer "sweet spot"($200.00 or less) a long time ago. If and when Sony drop the price of the ps3, I'd expect to see the ps3 sales explode in the U.S. (like Slim launch). People are adopting more 3d sets by the day, so it only makes sense to have a console that does 3d.