Eurogamer: 3DS-Tough Road Ahead

Eurogamer: "What's great news for consumers, though, is precisely the opposite for Nintendo. In some regards, the launch of the 3DS seems to have been engineered to avoid the massive shortages which we witnessed with previous hardware launches - most notably the Wii. The firm dropped the console into the market in spring, rather than autumn, far away from traditional times for mass market gaming purchases. If that was the strategy, however, it's unlikely that the firm expected - or wanted - success on quite this scale.

Bluntly, the excitement around the 3DS has fizzled out - with the first wave of early adopters driving a sales spike, only to discover that there's not much in the way of a second wave waiting behind them. The most worrying figures come from Japan, the market in which the DS launched first. Here, we can see a clear spike followed by an incredibly rapid fall in sales, to the extent that the 3DS now lags the PSP in week on week sales."

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NYC_Gamer2744d ago

its not worth buying right now because the software is real weak

-chaz-2744d ago

I think it also bears mentioning that this is EXACTLY what happened with the original DS...the first year was painfully dry. Hopefully, Nintendo knows what they're doing this time around.

R6ex2744d ago

PSP NGP will kill it!

shades722743d ago

Interesting but totally premature perspective laid bare in the article.

I think there's a bit of arrogance, a laid back approach and "wait and see" coming from Nintendo with the 3DS. Yes, there are few appealing games regardless of your preferences, but this is no different from any other console launch. There's been a lot of negative press, and as the article says, in Japan the population has other worries.

The 3DS has some definitive features, that over time will undoubtedly attract the audience it deserves. However, for most people (here at least) once some of the promised key software is released then you're likely to see a a change in consumer purchasing trends. For a number of gamers, there's really no need to early adopt this system at the moment and this is perhaps reflected in the current state of global sales.

Nintendo aren't stupid, they obviously have an adaptable strategy up their sleeves, and even if sales fall short of projections, they've been in the business long enough (and have enough money) to adapt, reinvent and evolve.

I'm quietly awaiting Metal Gear and Resident Evil games, but expect that list to grow considerably post E3 when more AAA games are announced. I can already almost hear Reggie's confident statements reverberating in the back of my mind.