Complete Mortal Kombat 9 Fatalities and Secret Fatalities

Most of Mortal Kombat 9 Fatalites And Secret Fatalities

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SonyNGP2741d ago

That was Mortal Kombat coming back to its rightful gory brutal roots.


Firstkn1ghT2740d ago

Must resist temptation to watch this. Want to actually see them while I play.

Finger-Eater2740d ago

Hm...I'm tempted not to watch and save them as a "Surprise".

Mr Tretton2740d ago

yup, I'll be performing all these myself in a few days

daffo2740d ago

that shit is so fucking gnarly haha

zeal0us2740d ago

cyber sub-zero on most of em 2/2 around 13:00
sadly didn't see kratos fatality did I skip it?

im-12-years-old2740d ago

Found it for you, video quality is kinda good but just a warning, LOWER YOUR SPEAKERS. I nearly gave myself a heartattack. lol

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