1UP: A Conversation With the Creator of Final Fantasy IV

1UP: "You can't help but like Takashi Tokita. Despite being a long-time veteran of the Final Fantasy series (he made his debut with the 8-bit Final Fantasy III back in 1990), he's remained down-to-earth. Tokita is still with Square, and he still works in the trenches of game design, so to speak, bringing both new games and old to mobile and portable systems.

As the original story director for the revolutionary Final Fantasy IV for Super NES, he's also the main man behind that game's sequel The After Years, originally released for Japanese mobile phones before being ported to WiiWare and now PSP. I had the opportunity to speak with Tokita about the inspiration behind the original groundbreaking RPG and its follow-ups; and, ever opinionated, he had plenty to say."

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