Resident Evil producer hints new game

During an interview with Resident Evil producer Mr. Kawata he mentioned that they are very busy at the moment developing the two Nintendo 3DS versions, but he is seeking to come up with new ideas in the future. He didn't mention on which platform it should be released.

The full interview is after the jump.

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Miroque2834d ago

I am hoping for something good to come!

captain-obvious2834d ago


crapcom is going to milk the Resident Evil franchise to death

Scyrus2834d ago

and a COD game every single year isnt milked? because im sure thats what u play, zombie mode all day huh

captain-obvious2833d ago

@ Scyrus
Dude you dumb or something ??
did i say something about COD ?
did i say that i LOVE CoD ?? or heck did i say that i play cod ??

milking = bad game
i don care which game is it
if its milked its bad (99% of the times)

rockleex2833d ago

We don't like the COD milking, and we definitely won't like it if Capcom starts doing that too.

Menech2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Mario is "milked" to hell and most Mario games are at least 8 out of 10.

It depends on the series really, There's nothing stopping resident evil running 2 different series with entirely different game-play styles.

I mean how often have they changed the game-play style already, for better or for worse.

If the game has an expansive universe, and a good enough cannon it can suit almost any style of game.

For example Mario makes a good RPG and a great racing game.

Resident Evil could be a good tactical group horde defence game, and great single/co-op experience.

For me expanding a franchise and taking a sub game in a different direction doesn't mean your milking the franchise.

Your just taking a franchise in a direction that makes sense.

Unknown_SNAKE2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

i dont think he mention any new RE anyway
Please Capcom enough of RE and bring me some Dinosours (DinoCrisis) i miss Regiena's red hair ;(

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aCasualGamer2834d ago

Can someone please tell me where in this interview the producer hints at a new game?

al-burrito2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

need no new modern RE...

Sorano2834d ago

Modern Warfare Resi would rock!

DarkSpawnClone2833d ago

lol Modern Warfare Resi no..but being able to back up while aiming yes..and some scary levels would be great..but any way I'm up for a new game :P,res5 was good but it could of been better.

Daverball2834d ago

Mercenaries doesn't strike me as particularly entertaining. I'm waiting for Revelations and probably won't give this one a second thought.

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The story is too old to be commented.