Price cut for Wii ($169) takes effect early at Best Buy

VentureBeat:"Although scheduled for May 15, the Nintendo Wii price cut is now in effect at Best Buy. The retailer is now selling the console for $169.99.

The Japanese company has ruled this product generation of consoles with a majority market share ever since it launched the innovative motion-sensing Wii controller and its system in 2006. Because of that popularity, Nintendo has been much slower to cut prices on its console in this generation."

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CaulkSlap2743d ago

Finally hit the price it should've been at launch. $249 for a repackaged Gamecube was probably the biggest rip-off in gaming hardware history. If anyone forgot the Gamecube was down to $99 in 2003.

Ducky2743d ago

Price isn't set by hardware alone.
Demand is also a factor.

gamingdroid2743d ago

It also brought something innovative to the table, despite it's high specs technological shortcomings hardcore gamers expected.

KonaBro2743d ago

Really? Guess I'm never going to buy a Wii again after I sold the first one. You would think Nintendo would be smart and drop it to at least $150 but $170? Pass.

SpLinT2743d ago

they need to make it 99$$ or else it should just be shut down

sp1deynut2743d ago

This year is the beginning of the final stretch for this gen, and E3 will likely be full of surprises, price cuts, and more, followed by the first leaked info, pics, etc. all the next-gen hardware.

MS will definitely be in a position to match the Wii @ $170...if they choose to...with the 4 GB (might even announce a new 16 GB replacement). They could also announce a larger HDD SKU...likely 350 or even 500 GB...and drop the 250 GB to $250, until it's phased out. The next gen of consoles will likely launch with at least that much, which is why MS and Sony have been inching toward that line. Kinect should see a small price drop, and maybe even a new bundle at E3.

Nintendo will definitely be all about the 3DS this year, but all signs..including this price drop...point toward an imminent "Wii 2" announcement.

Sony should be able to drop the PS3 to $250 this year, if only by the holidays....but I'm guessing at E3, because many retailers have been having random discounts and/or coupon offers lately.

Next year will definitely be the year of solid info for the next gen, including hardware, possible launch games, projected pricing, etc. 2011 could be the beginning of the end for this gen...but ohhhh what a send off, with some of the biggest game releases in history. :D

flyingmunky2743d ago

I wonder what Nintendo is going to price the wii2 at. If they really pack as much power as a ps3 and have blu-ray capabilities then should we expect it to be $400? I mean the 3ds is 250 surely it will be more than that. Also can you imagine what those controllers with the 6'' screen are going to run when regular controllers now cost like $55? I don't think I'll be an early adopter at any rate.

BlueRevolvuR2743d ago

Plus, Nintendo tends to bring a new controller, (or maybe no "physical controller"), for each new console. Most likely, it'll be new tech. Or not.

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