GGTL: Eight reasons why Smash Bros. should grace the Olympic Games

Gamer's Guide to, Sunday 16th April 2011: GGTL's very own Copyeditor, Greg Mengel, considers how much better the Olympic Games would be, if the Olympic committee were to recognise Super Smash Bros. Brawl as an Olympic sport.

"In a world in which 'Korfball' can ascend to the Valhalla of competition, Super Smash Bros. Brawl deserves a chance to show off its prowess as a conduit for intense competition on an international stage. It is my firm belief that the Olympic Committee should hear my proposition and accept Smash as the twenty-seventh Olympic summer sport.

This will never, ever happen. But here's why it should."

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macky3012744d ago

Special Olympics ,..

well some one must say it ,..

I love probably all Nintendo's franchises, I am just Playing Donkey Kong (holly shit this game is hardcore),.. but never really understood Smash Bros. ,.. Seems spazzy and random as shit,..

bwazy2744d ago

You must be one of those players who gets grabbed and carried off the edges by Donkey Kong.

koh2744d ago

I still play Super Smash for N64, but have never gotten in to any since then. Maybe Wii 2's will be better.

newn4gguy2744d ago

There aren't enough moves in SSBB.

Power Stone 2 is a much better brawler.

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