Wii gets no online third-party games until 2007

Gamers hoping for an online component in third-party games like Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam, are in for bad news, because one isn't planned.

Why? Because Nintendo will not release Wii Wi-Fi Connection libraries to third parties until early 2007. Which might mean that no third party launch title aside from maybe Ubisoft's Red Steel and of course Nintendo's own games will have an online mode.

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God of Gaming5374d ago

you mean red steel wont be lagging it up this year? How cant that be?

BIadestarX5374d ago

Ok, one more to go. Soon Sony will be announcing something similar. Why? Well, you can't come up with something like xbox live from one day to another. At least Nintendo got it out of the way. Besides, we are talking about Nintendo. Their fans will just take anything Nintendo gives them. They will be ok.

wakkiwakko5374d ago

And we're hardly ever dissapointed :D

BIadestarX5374d ago

Now I understand what they meant by Free online gamming.