George Hotz Donates $10K to the EFF

As promised, all left over legal defense money, plus a little to bump it to a nice number, has been sent to the EFF. Thank you all so much for your support, without it, things could have been much worse.

This money goes to the EFF in hopes that America can one day again be a shining example of freedom, free of the DMCA and ACTA, and that private interest will never trump the ideas laid out in the constitution of privacy, ownership, and free speech.

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MGRogue20172745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

I think the real question here is.. Did he do the right thing?

$10,000.. I mean, it ain't peanuts.. That sort of money could have helped him alot in the future ahead of him, you know..

-Alpha2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

He gave $10K of donated money to an organization that he feels correlates with his cause. It's the money of the people who support the same cause, so they got what they wanted after some were concerned with where their money was going. Let's not turn this into anything more than it is

captain-obvious2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

i'll re post this since the first comment got censored as soon as i hit the "add reply" button

so he is using the money that other ppl donated to him
and act like a hero and donates using his name to take all the credit for it

i still dont believe this guy and i think he is lying just to get some positive press

and yah
he only donated to a group that supports what he is doing just to get more supporters

i can see through you hotz
you are not fooling me

-Alpha2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

@Captain Obvious

While I understand people's hostility towards Geohot, his supporters were concerned with where the money went. He had to do it in his name to show the people who were concerned that he did not use the money selfishly.

If he did NOT make this public you'd be here claiming he stole the money anyway.

I don't see it as an attempt to save face-- he is part of a community and that community expects and demanded a response from Geo regarding the money. They have a right to know as they donated, and Geo made it public that he did not keep the money for himself.

Ducky2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Do you know what the EFF is?

Come to think of it, he could've just bought the HumbleBundle. :D

SuperLupe2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

I like this Hotz guy from the very start

And no I dont pirate games, and no I dont care about piracy, has been here for years and will always be here.

The video game industry wont be sinking anytime soon because of it.

I still dont get what all the fuss is about, piracy was worse last gen and nothing happened.

rockleex2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

" hopes that America can one day again be a shining example of freedom, free of the DMCA and ACTA, and that private interest will never trump the ideas laid out in the constitution of privacy, ownership, and free speech."

That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

Freedom for others to take the content you created and own and freely distribute it without your consent?

Freedom for Indie or underground artists to get shafted even harder than the big companies?

Just because some people actually need to work and try to make a living doesn't mean you can go around and steal their stuff in the name of "freedom".

Therealspy032745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

he didn't promote piracy. what aren't you sony obsessed followers getting about this? he did exactly what you can do with just about anything else you purchase. if you buy a car and then modify the muffler, you aren't committing a crime.

if people are using his modification for negative reasons, then go after them. all he did was make the ps3 do what sony advertised it was capable of doing when it originally launched. then they reneged on the deal...and instead of you sony fanboys complaining to sony, you just said "well i'm not smart enough to use linux anyway, so it doesn't affect me. so i'll keep supporting them." you missed the entire point of the legal battle, and you simply aren't capable of grasping the elements of the case or the law itself.

the guy then took the leftover money the people that DO understand the law donated to him to fight a just battle and donated to an organizing that is continuing to fight for YOUR rights. and instead of being appreciative, or at the very least...neutral about it, you and the rest of the clowns are attacking him and making false accusations and assumptions. He really couldn't have handled the situation any better (except for maybe the rap).

Dee_912745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

I dont care about him donating other people money
Its the fact that he's acting like he is the little guy fighting off the big corp.
When the fact is he was in the wrong
When they hacked the ps3 they filled peoples ears with that they wanted to hear like bringing back other os etc.
but the fact they didnt do any of that
the only thing this hack did was allow people to pirate games
What piss me off more that he is trying to make it seem like his situation is a threat to our freedom. When it has nothing to do with it
If you wanted to get my respect he shouldve donated that money to japan or kids starving in third world countries

The fact that his Mods can allow people to do that is the reason he is in this situation in the 1st place.
99.9% of people who got a ps3 didnt get it for the other OS
I dont care about the other OS
the only people that want other OS are the ones who hack the ps3
which is the reason sony took it off in the 1st place.
So dont act like the only reason they hacked the ps3 was because they took other OS off when the fact is they were going to hack it eventually through other os
btw I work at a meineke people get tickets for having illegal mufflers ..

anywho I dont even care about this
Im just here for the games

zag2745d ago

So he, gives away money under this reason "free of the DMCA and ACTA, and that private interest will never trump the ideas laid out in the constitution of privacy, ownership, and free speech."

Yet doesn't want Sony to have any of it's own ideas, privacy and ownership and any ideas/products they come up with must be hacked regardless of what the laws say on the protection of these products.

It's a 2 way street.

You can't say oh I'm all for freedom and want the laws to be fairer

Yet still hack and release other peoples ideas and property under the banner of freedom.

The EFF go completely against everything he's been saying for the last so many years, as they are simply trying to get people out of the P2P blanket court cases which have generally sprung up due to people hacking and ripping off companies/people's work.

DragonKnight2745d ago

@Alpha-Male22: Actually, once those people were stupid enough to hand over their money to him, they lost all rights to know anything about what he would do with it. They were the stupid ones that gave him money for a trial, after the trial was over he wasn't obligated in any way to tell them or anyone else what he would do with leftover money.

In the end, he donated it to a foolish cause when he could have taken that money and donated to it to more worthy causes. Like Japan.

zag2745d ago


People keep thinking you can do any mod you like to a car but go and ask the transport dept if you can do that mod and you'll get a completely different story.

Like the exhaust has to comply with the laws of that state, has to be under 90db, can't be made at home, has to be correctly fitted by a qualified fitter.

And many mods are like that, putting on coloured tint can be enough to have your car pulled off the road by a copper.

The only reason why you see it on cars, is that people see that stuff done to show cars and product display cars, these cars aren't rego'd or trailer queened around the place so it doesn't matter what mods have been done to these cars.

About 25 states in the USA don't allow you to do any sort of maintenance or modding on your car in your own yard it comes with a $5000 to 10000 fine and sometimes a 2 year jail sentence.

Many people who do these mods and then drive around the place just haven't been picked up.

much like how many people say to use Tor and cafes to do stuff to get around tracking on the net.

So no you can't just mod your car and do anything you like with it.

badz1492745d ago

it's just those he got from donation and with his ass saved from court already, he needs to give it to EFF as if he doesn't shitstorm is coming his way courtesy of Tortuga!

joeorc2745d ago


"" hopes that America can one day again be a shining example of freedom, free of the DMCA and ACTA, and that private interest will never trump the ideas laid out in the constitution of privacy, ownership, and free speech."

but look what he also said:

"Hotz's hard drive contains sensitive data, including "other individuals' personal information and data, clients' proprietary data, and confidential business information, which includes high value breakthrough innovations in the field of technology," Hotz's lawyers said. "The information on [Hotz's] hard drive is highly confidential, is not available to the public, and the emergence of any of that information would cause [him] irreparable harm."

an as such

"Hotz pointed to work he is doing on a SHA-1 crytographic hash function as well as other work "that is of extreme commercial value." Hotz maintained that he has "been offered significant amounts of money for the sale of his applications," which, if released, "would be disastrous for Mr. Hotz, both financially and to his reputation."

OK,is it me or just does that reek of Irony?




RedDead2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

@ therealspy

I know exactly what you mean, but the same thing can be said about illegally selling(or even giving them away) firearms. The person supplying them doesn't know what the buyers intentions are, he could use it for recreation, or he could shoot a kid. Same thing with this type of hacking, it can be used for recreation or it can be(and is mostly) used for piracy. Modifying a muffler won't hurt anyone or hurt sales or anything like that will it?

There's a limit to freedom, if we were completely 'free' we could kill someone and say, it's my rights, i'm a free person. This ^^^ is rediculous I know, but that's a more blatant version of geohots understanding, Geohot and co make piracy very easy.

Lawliet2745d ago

Omgz there are still people out there protecting geohot? Are you really that slow in your senses? Now he is donating? Talk about desperation... He must have received death sentence from the dumb donators, where all their money went cleaning his arse..

There are things you can do, there are also things you are not allow to do!

Just like if you punch me on the face, the next day you will find your whole family turn into burning crisps!

morganfell2744d ago

@RedDead,let's put the firearm analogy in perspective.

What Geohot did wasn't equivalent to selling firearms. Firearms are completely legal to own in the right circumstances. And of course selling patented parts to firearms requires permission or in some circumstances, depending on the parts, a license.

A better comparison would be to say that Geohot gave away a patented company method for altering the sear of a semiautomatic assault rifle to make it a fully automatic. And the law says this particular method was restricted and privileged.

Yes there are a handful of people that have a Class III license and would use it for legal purposes but the vast majority would not and the person that altered the sear and provided the information knew this.

This same person has been around firearms for years. If he were to suddenly claim he didn't know who Colt was he would be an idiot or a liar. Or a lying idiot. In fact that person had a history of altering weapons.

The sear wasn't his to alter because the law said even though he owned the weapon this activity, as well as the distribution of the method is illegal.

The analogy still isn't exactly on the money. The reason being is the PS3 has software and technology that is licensed. The buyers do not own it.

Before people complain (again) about that and feel the need to attack Sony as if they are the only ones doing this, they need to go back and look at the EULA or similar licensing agreement for every game they have ever purchased, rented or borrowed. While they are at it they need to closely examine the paperwork that has come with every electronic device, automobile, or other item they think they own en toto. They are in for a surprise.

Hayabusa 1172744d ago

@Captain Obvious

What?Exactly how dumb are you???

Firstly, OFCOURSE he's going to donate to a campaign that supports the same cause the people donated money to him for. Would it be fair if Hotz donated to the cat shelter?

Secondly, I don't see how he's taking the credit when he actually said it's the money he received from peoples donations :/

Thirdly, ofcourse he's going to donate to a group to gain more supporters. Why would he NOT want more supporters???

It's people with your intelligence that give gamers a bad press.

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xAlmostPro2745d ago

Awesome he donated money, of course he took his little vacation first.

You can't act like a hero by giving other people's money to charity, he did it because people gave him the money not because he's a nice guy who wanted to donate

ReBurn2745d ago

What does his vacation have to do with him donating the legal defense money to the EFF?

xAlmostPro2745d ago

Because he clearly used donation money to go on a vaction? before donating the money..

Either that or he already had money, my point is he opnly donated because people gave it to him, doesn't make him a nice person

ReBurn2745d ago

Exactly how is it clear that he used the donation money to go on vacation? Do you have access to his financial records? If not then you don't know what money he used to do anything.

Menech2745d ago


Don't try be the voice of reason it's clear he's morally bankrupt fanboy.

radphil2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )


I think he's stating though that it's more so about him taking a vacation, where he was asking for donations at the same time. A person with a logical mind would say "Hey this might seem bad on a coincidence."

At the same time too, it's not really so much of a donation per say, coming from you, if you use the same money gifted to you gifted to something else. It's still a donation though.

To be quite honest, it should be multiple actions that define you, not 1. I know there's going to be someone out there that'll just disagree on impulse, but honestly I've said my piece here without going at it in a harsh situation.

Zeevious2745d ago

Does anyone need access to his financial records to add two things together?

I can't pay my legal fee's that I am responsible for...(and will just be settling with Sony because I know I'm responsible for them.)

To help me fight the good fight, while I claim I am NOT responsible for the issues and so am fighting it...with YOUR money.

Oh, and thanks...don't forget to include your email address so I can send you a free email postcard while I'm on vacation, with none of the money I asked you for...just all of my own I didn't spend on those legal fee's I'm responsible for because I got you suckers to pay the bill for me.

Gee...I don't see any problem with that accounting -- do you?

It's deserving of as much respect as everything else he's done.


Dee_912745d ago

SO in other words he used other people money to fight off his legal issues
and used his own money to go on vacation ...
funny thing he claimed he didnt have any money
but according to you he used his money to fly to south america

zag2745d ago


Yes because Anon hacked his bank account/s and then put all the data into a torrent and put it up onto pirate bay.

For anyone to look at pretty good eh?!

Uh, oh. that might be bad but only for him lulz!

pixelsword2745d ago

@ Zag.

For Anon to do that they would have to possess the one thing they thoroughly proved via their Sony fiasco that they do not possess:

Technical skills.

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ReBurn2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Please tell me how taking some moral high ground and jumping to conclusions about his actions makes you any different from Hotz taking some moral high ground and jumping to conclusions about Sony's actions? Why would SCEA spend all of that money to sue Hotz and drop the case with nothing more than a promise when they could have used the money toward developing more PSN features like cross-game chat?

The point is that it isn't our place to judge why any of them did anything, because without inside information we just look stupid for doing so. I'm sure if someone looked deep enough they'd find where most of us have done something that we shouldn't have done, so how are we any better than him?

So funny how it's ok for people here to "put two and two together" and come up with "obvious" moral standards for someone else. Especially because they don't like him for whatever reason.

People who are in debt go on vacation all the time. For all you know someone else, and not the people donating money to his defense, could have paid for this vacation for him. It could have been a gift from parents or relatives. You absolutely do not know.

Look, Hotz did what he did. Sony took him to court and ultimately dropped the whole thing. Don't you think it's about time that the rest of us did, too?

radphil2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

"People who are in debt go on vacation all the time. For all you know someone else, and not the people donating money to his defense, could have paid for this vacation for him. It could have been a gift from parents or relatives. You absolutely do not know. "

Yes. There's also a thing called "postponing it". It's not the method of how he got the trip, it's using it in midst of this whole situation.

Zeevious2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

ReBurn . . . In my opinion you certainly have a misguided point of view, claiming we're the one taking the moral high-ground...when isn't that EXACTLY what your doing to make that claim?

Judging us but we can't judge these clear, facts and actions?

In case you missed it...this is EXACTLY the place to express these opinions, views on his actions and's a DISCUSSION BOARD FOR GAMERS!!!

Which part of N4G, and the forums YOU yourself clicked the "Add Comment" button for did you not understand?

To claim he "did what he did" and conveniently dismiss his clear pattern of treating the donors rights as poorly as he treated Sony's and then you (and ONLY you) say 'Sony' dropped this...


George got his _ _ _ raked over the coals if you didn't read actual agreement...not the sanitized, he did nothing wrong, you're all judging him, biased, blinded 'opinion' your now claiming.

To actually explain away his vacation while claiming to have no money for defense so needed donations is a fanciful and UNFOUNDED adventure into could-be's. I don't see George owning up to any of those questions, like where that money came from, while taking public money donating to a legal fund He Said He Could Not Pay!

Which part of those Facts compared to your made up suppositions and fantasy do we know are facts?

Simple...the FACTS.

You are the one making up claims of vaporous vacation funds from the South American travel fairy...not anyone here. But we are supposedly the ones your claiming are on the moral high-ground? Maybe you simply need to get your feet on the ground - period, and look at the simple basic facts, like everyone else.

The truth is not what you are saying at all, and in fact would be seen clearly by a blind man reading the settlement in Braille.

I think the facts and actions of George is clear. It's just your vision that's not, but let me leave you with something that should help :

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Eddie201012745d ago

Wasn't money he earned, he would not have had it to donate had it not been sent for his deffence fund. also if he had continued to buck Sony on the issue he would have needed much more than ten thousand dollars to continue his case.

evrfighter2745d ago

It's amazing.

I never thought I'd see people. get angry at someone for donating something that helps someone else.

This is the world we live in today? It's a sad place.

Dee_912745d ago

Unfortunately we live in a world were alot of people lack common sense like yourself
That cant see threw bull crap

yes very sad place

DragonKnight2745d ago

How exactly is the EFF a "worthy cause" that "helps" people hmm?

Zeevious2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Evr...see my comment below and after reading it if you really think that, you're welcome to continue this discussion privately with a PM.

I'd be angry too if I donated to help someone's LEGAL fund because they claimed (disingenuously? only his travel agent knows for sure) they couldn't pay THEN WENT ON VACATION.

Which part of that are you supporting. From the legal jurisdiction I'm in or your's or anyone's...isn't that considered fraud?

He didn't donate HIS money, he donate everyone elses money!

What a slap in the face to anyone who supported this guy!

But shouldn't this be expected?

Hasn't that been his attitude about everything? It's all someone else's problem, someone else's bill to pay, someone else's money to lose on pirated games, someone else's development costs and investments?

It's a sadder place when someone can just TAKE $10,000 from people under one pretense that turns out to be false, then spend it someonwhere every one of the donors could have CHOSEN to spend themselves.

I for one would have given it to the struggling survivors in Japan or any other number of genuine needs around the world that don't involve a South American vacation.

Weren't they tricked out of that money...plain and simple?

If not feel free to explain how donating to some claimed financial need for legal fee's that ends up getting donated on THEIR behalf with your money after they come back from a vacation...(vacataion...hello! ) accepted use of your money!

Nobody donated to give to the EFF. Anyone could that on their own.

By all rights, the money should be returned, and for almighty's sake, at least give me post card from South America!

It is in fact a sad sad place when it's ok to take people's cash under the guise of pressing financial need and then after your vacation, give it away with as little regard as the property you sliced and diced to get you into this position. this guy really deserves everyones respect and support.

As you can tell, he's got mine*

*Winner of the N4G 2011 March of April Sarcasmic Award.

OhMyGandhi2745d ago

where is this kid's parents?

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showtimefolks2745d ago

you simply were let go without big punishment hopefully you will learn your lesson. or better yet mess with either sony or someone else's product and than your ass end up in jail in new orleans to see what real life is like

donate the money which was given to you by morons to begin with and try to make yourself look good if i see you on the street i knock your ass out

i am 6-6 and 220 i better not see you another one of the lame hackers who have no life and thinks he has the right to do whatever you want.

I been playing games for 22 years most of the devs work hard to make money while your hacking while you said was against piracy didn't it start the shitstorm?

click the disagree all you want that's how i feel about what he has done in life.

Zeevious2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

What I find amusing is he complained right and left about Sony LEGALLY going through his things, computer, HD, records etc with a warrant...

According to him, That's wrong -- but thinks he has every right in the world to go through THEIR things.

How wonderfully hypocritical.

You can't look through my things, even with a court ordered warrant but I can not only look through yours and lie about the process, but can publish them for everyone else to have, and joke about piracy in my modified End User License Agreement -- Indicating I'm not only aware of your rights, but ignoring & mocking them.

At the same time, instead of returning the money donated under his false claims of need...(Vacations...all I ever wanted -- Vacation, had to getaway)

He gave away Other Peoples money to an organization that if they wanted to donate to, they would have themselves.

It's the same attention-_ _ _ _ ing 'cause' that gives him the self-granted right to decide that donations to his financial legal 'needs' should be given to some foundation that none of the donors chose.

Give The Money BACK.

It wasn't yours to so benevolently spend in the first place! It's really easy to choose to spend $10,000 of money you never worked for, but many many other people did.

Is this what the donors support?
Their hard work...spent randomly by someone else for a cause they never donated to in the first place?
If so...send to my PayPal account...please!

I encourage EVERYONE who donated to demand a Charge-Back and reverse charge from PayPal.

You can donate to EFF anytime you want. Do you really want your cash associated with this _-_ _ _ yet again taking credit for other peoples work -- doing it in his name...with YOUR cash?

Get your money back...
Taking money for one reason, that turns out to be false then using it for some other reason?

In my opinion...You have all been the victims of fraud.

SpaceGhost2745d ago

if you got rid of the DMCA or ACTA A lot of things just woudldn't be made cause the company that made them would not be able to hire the employes they need to build the products that people would just end up steaing. Its just as stupid as people who agree with Anti Gun control and the WestBurrow Church.

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Trroy2745d ago

So.. he didn't need the donations then? Or did he not spend all of it in South America?

mrv3212745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

So he asked for donations, didn't use it then did what he wanted with them.

EDIT: I just would have rather him spend the 10k by giving it to Jappan.

-Alpha2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

It's his money to use once people donate to him and he used it towards the cause that pro-Geo folks support. He did what was expected by the people who donated

Edit: The money pooled was towards a main cause and the community wanted that money to be associated with that cause. I know Japan is in more dire need but he'd likely face a backlash by the community who would feel cheated out of their trust, and in the end, we can't tell others how to spend their money

firetaw2745d ago

never!!! hes anti japanese this guy. boggles my mind that he thinks america isnt free.