Top Little Big Planet 2 User Generated Levels

Playlist of some of the top user generated levels created in Little Big Planet 2.

Got a favourite level to share?

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Colmshan19902744d ago

Why can't I ever design something that good?
I'm going to give that a go later though- a lot of work went into it, and it's perfect!

Scyrus2744d ago

for real, some people put alot of detail. I tried to do the same, it came out ok lol. I can try ur lvl if u wish!

my lvl link is


P1NKY2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Will try out your level later.

My level link:
Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Scyrus2744d ago

thanks Pinky

wow how did you get so many plays? no one ever wants to try my level lmao. I even post on LBP central and no plays!!

ur level looks interesting though! I will prbly play it tonight or tommorow! will give feedback :)

t0mmyb0y2744d ago

haah your Pinky. Love your levels man

cliffbo2744d ago

check this out for games and tutorials (games at bottom)

t0mmyb0y2744d ago

They should really link all these levels smh

Scyrus2744d ago

yeah for real lol, i play some of them, very good levels, although other levels like The Essence of platforming Reborn are very good too. If you wish you wish to try mine its

its a platformer and me and my fiance did some voice work aswell

t0mmyb0y2738d ago

Guess I have to wait until PSN is back online lol