Preview: COD4 Single Player Beta

Ripten's Dan Harrington gives a hands on preview of Infinity Ward's single player PC Beta release of the upcoming Call of Duty 4.

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Spike474483d ago

Just finished playing the cod4 demo on my geforce 6150 computer.

it's okay, it looks standard and does'nt have any glitches at all.

this game is epic, it's beutiful, and the gameplay is intense.

you're always jumping and running around trying to take cover. It's sooo fast paced.

Jdash244482d ago

downloading the demo now........loved the mp beta......cant wait to try single player

mighty_douche4482d ago

got it running on
8800gts 640

all maxed out and smooth as you like!

also recommend the new UT3 beta, that game is crazy!