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"Have you ever played that game you just had to dominate? Everyone has to have at least one game they lost sleep over at one time or another. In earlier days of gaming it was more of a pride issue. Sure, you could use the warp zones in the first Super Mario Bros. game and beat it, but who wants to do that? There is no fun in taking shortcuts, right? As a seven-year-old in 1989 I remember beating that game after playing through the entire thing – no shortcuts. It became a constant occurrence, especially since it was the only game I had for a while. I wore it as a badge of honor. During that period there were no tangible rewards for S-ranking video games. The only proof you could possibly have would be a save game or a picture of a game’s final scene. Being the age I was at the time, I really did not need anything as proof anyway."

-goatofwonder from That Gamer Hub (Community Article)

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