Gears of War 3 Beta and Pre-Order Details Announced!

"Pre-order and Beta details for the highly anticipated Gears of War 3 have been announced, along with exclusive unlockables for beta testers. If you’re wondering what all the hubub is on Twitter, read on and find out why you too should be busting heads to get in!"

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Therealspy032745d ago

Dedicated servers? this better carry over to the retail launch or this is going to be a VERY misleading beta.

Kingdom Come2745d ago

Why the Hell would Epic go to the lengths of establishing Dedicated Servers only to remove them from the final product?

Therealspy032745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

didn't say they wouldn't. i said they better. but it's a lot cheaper to have a few dedicated servers for limited beta than for a final product that will probably sell 5mil +

why is everyone so damn sensitive on n4g? there was no insult in my comment. i just know from my previous 2 gears purchases that there has been a very distinct host advantage and the game itself just felt kind of broken? and it always seemed like the solution would be dedicated servers. MS just doesn't seem to be the biggest supporter of non-local hosting.

i guess my point was that if they are going with dedicated servers, that makes me very happy cuz i'm a big gears fan.

ksense2745d ago

don't forget folks. people that order the EPIC edition will have a free ps3 copy of the game included!

Raven_Nomad2745d ago

This for sure is my most anticipated game release of the year.

Ordered the Epic edition of BulletStorm just so I could get into the beta. Although BulletStorm was amazing all on it's own, this is what it was all about!

I will unlock and keep all of those weapons for the actual game. CANT WAIT!

Therealspy032745d ago

i think you're using the word "amazing" a bit loosely here.

bulletstorm is okay...i'll even accept good. but amazing? i've played thousands of games in my life and i'm not sure the word amazing accurately describes any of them...except maybe Half Life 2.

manned space flight and landing on the moon is amazing. niagra falls is amazing. those people that can write entire paragraphs on a grain of rice are amazing...

Raven_Nomad2745d ago

I actually hate the Half Life games, so to each their own I guess. I love BulletStorm and I can safely say it reinvigorated my love of FPS games.

Such a fresh and new take on the genre really gave it a kick to the nuts.

So as I said, it is strictly opinion. One man's feast is another man's famine.

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