Where Did The Adventure Games Go For The Xbox 360?

There’s a topic I always bring up when I get into a heated video game debate with my friends.

“Why aren’t there more adventure games for the Xbox 360?”

As a big Zelda enthusiast, the lack of appropriate adventure titles really brings down the sheen of our next gen systems. Yeah, with the overall abundance of First Person Shooter’s, the Xbox 360 is the acclaimed “hardcore gamer console”. But we lack games like Uncharted, (which I envy PS3 owners for) or Zelda games, (only reason to buy a Wii, other than Mario games). Is it because the formula is so perfected with The Legend of Zelda? I don’t think that is the case.

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gameguru2837d ago

i m happy with fps's :)

gravemaker2837d ago

because of someone like you, this shitty fps's dominate industry

SuperLupe2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

1: he has the right to enjoy what he wants. Most people buy a PS3 and only play FIFA and COD. I mean if that's what they want then be it.

2: shitty ? KZ3, Crysis 2, Portal 2, Resistance 3, Rage, Battlefield 3. Thats your problem if you only pick the sh!tty ones

3: I've bought 5 fps's in 5 years: Bioshock, The Orange Box, Halo 3, MW2, Halo Reach. You see nobody forces me to buy fps's, dont know bout you though.

fluffydelusions2837d ago

FPS aren't bad but I admit there are way too many. Would be nice to see more genres. Main reason I have the PS3. Lots of variety.

Arnon2837d ago

So judging by your disagrees I assume people on here believe that he's not allowed to enjoy what he wants.

God I love people.

Slimshadyn2837d ago

No, people disagreed with SuperLube because not everyone buys a PS3 to only play COD and FIFA. And since when was KZ3 or Crysis 2 bad games? Portal 2, Resistance 3, Rage, and Battlefield 3 all look like they will be great in my eyes and many other people's eyes.

Just because part of his comment was right, the part about people being able to enjoy what they want to enjoy, doesn't mean I have to agree with all the other BS in it as well.

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Acquiescence2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

the last one I played was Modern Warfare 2 back in 2009. I'm looking forward to Duke Nukem Forever this year and Bioshock Infinite next year...and that's it.

Below - Ah well, the COD games are all practically indentical anyway.

siyrobbo2837d ago

thats awesome, considering it came out in 2009

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egidem2837d ago

FPS are all what's around. Not everyone who owns an Xbox 360 has the same mentality as you.

I own both the Xbox 360 and PS3. In terms of games for each platform, it all stared out with the 360 having such a large library of PS3 few games but growing. Fast forward to today, and now the tables have turned. Most of the games (retail) that you can get on the 360 these days can also be bought on the PS3. HOWEVER, the opposite is not true. Some games on the PS3 are nowhere on the 360 (exclusives) like Uncharted. This is a bit annoying especially when for example, I got LittleBigPlanet 2 for PS3, and I got nothing for the 360. Then again Killzone 3, and again nothing for the 360.

So from time to time, I am beginning to wonder why I just don't buy all these games on the PS3? Then I realize, if everything is on the PS3 and one day it dies on me (which has happened) then I'd be in shit.
For this reason I choose to balance. Some go on the 360, others go on the PS3. In my opinion, this shouldn't be happening. I shouldn't be buying games in order to have a reason for one platform to stay.

Microsoft needs to give us compelling reasons why we can't suddenly jump ship to the PS3 side; as there are many more games there. 2011 is proof of this. They can't tell us that Kinect, with few games, is the answer. Not everyone likes it. They need to make us not want to sell our 360s. A good way of doing this is by exclusives. Problem is, they killed most of them, now we're left with few.

Those of you who say that exclusives don't matter think again. How will you react when the other platform is getting most of everything you ALREADY have, plus tons of other stuff that you'll never get like Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, inFamous 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Socom 4 and so many more?

You can't just say that you're happy with FPSs. Not everyone likes FPSs. People love variety.

TomInc2837d ago

Games like uncharted really make game for me more than FPS. FPS just bore me eventually

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movements2837d ago

Microsoft needs to refocus.

Godmars2902837d ago

Show me where they have the resources to do so. They've only ever relied on 3rd party who've have take cues from Halo and Gears while generas outside of FPS have never really done well on the system. As well as FPS.

And then there's what's happened to their in-house devs. Studios being closed before, as, or shortly after they've completed games. Rare literally being gutted to at this point their art department - the very thing which sets a game company's identity - is nothing but temps.

MS needs to find a focus before they refocus.

gcolley2837d ago

they need a more balanced game library. balance was the key in pretty much every gen of gaming.

Octo12837d ago

Its a shame that people just stick to one genre like FPS or MMO's. I have a few friends that just play COD and when we talk about games, I'm usually the only one that played a game other than COD.
Its like reading a book and liking it that much and deciding that one book will be it when there's other books that may be as good or may be even better.

Ruggadagod2837d ago

they all went to the ps3.

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