Everything we know about Nintendo’s Wii successor so far

STO Writes:

As we’re approaching the summer and getting ever closer to E3, it’s no surprise to see more and more rumours and leaks making their way online, one of which is regarding the successor to the Nintendo’s ‘Wii.‘ So what do we know so far about the Wii 2 so far and are these rumours far fetched?

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BlmThug2740d ago

Technically We Know Nothing

BabyTownFrolics2740d ago

technically wii know nothing

darthv722740d ago

if there is one thing is that there is the potential to be a wii 2 or whatever it will be called.

We also know speculation is like a drug...once you are hooked it becomes hard to think clearly.

fluffydelusions2740d ago

We know it will play games :)

BlmThug2740d ago

Actually Nintendo Could Go A Whole New Route With The Wii2 & Just Make It A System That Plays Film & Other Entertainment Stuff Except For Gaming So *Facepalm* Back At You

kesvalk2740d ago

yay for the rumor bandwagon!

Ace_19752740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Instead of being as powerful as a kettle like the wii, it will be as powerful as a toaster.

darthv722740d ago

somewhere between toaster oven and microwave. Maybe equal to a convection oven.


Raven_Nomad2740d ago

Well Nintendo could be using this console as a Stopgap. I mean it is seriously looking like Microsoft and Sony aren't wanting to release new consoles for at least a couple years, if not longer.

In reality though, the rumors were probably let loose by Nintendo themselves to build up hype. It also keeps everyone guessing and Nintendo dominating the gaming news and on everyones lips.

All the while, we guess and actually know nothing....

I'll say Nintendo knows how to build things up, that is for certain.

fluffydelusions2740d ago

It also makes people wonder what the point of buying a Wii is when a new console is coming.

Raven_Nomad2740d ago

Agreed, unless Nintendo drops it to $100, then I could see it still selling well as this new console is supposed to be Backwards compatible.

Anyway, it's still almost two years from release if speculation is to be believed.

btk2740d ago

Well - with the 2 other still trying to show real profit from the current generation, Ninty is actually in the position to release a new console. And by the time the two others are ready for their next gen, then Ninty will be not too far behind... I think Ninty's out-of-sync generation can actually hand them the victory long term.

Kyur4ThePain2740d ago

"victory long term"


What do you think this is...a war to the death? Please wake up to the reality of economics and business.

sickbird2740d ago

you know nothing, stop speculating.

mamotte2740d ago

I know that, even if "Cafe" is it's codename, it wont make coffee.