3DS 'makes you sick' panic story hits television

The Sun's obsessive attack on the Nintendo 3DS has been picked up by UK television show Watchdog, a show that ran misinformation without, seemingly, doing any fact checking. Hell, they could be game journalists with that kind of dedication to the truth!

The segment claimed that customers have needed "medication" after using the system, and stated that retailers are refusing to give full refunds for the machines. Bear in mind, however, that this entire story came from The Sun interviewing one person and then making up the rest of the story.

Kind of scary how much power newspapers still have, despite it supposedly being common knowledge that they just invent any old shit to scare people. Crazy.

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BlmThug2924d ago

Buy The NGP, Its rumored to have 3D too

MK24ever2924d ago

I love gaming and the gaming industry, but gamers just need to stop acting as if they must protect everything related to it. 3DS HAS to many people who bought it caused these problem, I played it at a retailer for 5 minutes and I felt really bad afterwards, I felt like I was on a boat for hours! And I game since I was 6 (I'm 30 now).

Gamers must come out of their podium and be more neutral, defending the gaming industry like brain dead people won't help it thats for sure.

Welshy2924d ago

it genuinely did give me a sore head when i tried it =(

which is a shame because the concept is really cool

only played for 5-10mins in gamestation and my eyes and head were throbbing.

i dont agree with all this crap that "EVEYRONE suffers trenchfoot and bubonic plague after playing!" scare mongering but it genuinely did give me a thumping sore one

Welshy2924d ago

wow, im DEFENDING the 3DS then merely stated a fact that i got a sore head with it.

so you disagree with FACT? how is that possible? i apologise that medical symptoms beyond my control cause the phantom disagrees so much stress

kesvalk2924d ago

welcome to N4G, the first perk you need to master is "ignore disagree button".

and everytime you say something bad about sony you lose one or two bubbles too, so take care.

Rhezin2924d ago ShowReplies(2)
meganick2924d ago

Based on my experience with the 3DS so far, there's an adjustment period you have to get through. My eyes felt a little weird on the first day I played the system, but after that, my eyes adjusted, and I don't have any issues with headaches or sore eyes or anything like that.

NoBias2923d ago

Same here. People also need to realize they dont need to play with the 3D all the way up. There's a slider for a reason. I never have mind more than a half of the way up. I usually just have it on the lowest setting and the 3D still looks great.

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