The Dark Side of MMO Games

You must have heard this stories about private servers and gold selling. This is bad right, or wait is it? Let’s start with the easy one…

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bwazy2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Oh its bad in EVERY sense. Truly, I mean really, you play on a private server? For what reasons? Mods, no cost? Well im sure its fun raiding and doing BG's with your 4 friends, but dont go to Subway for 2 days and buy yourself that damn WoW subscription.

Gold sellers (imo) are the lowest common denominator. The bottom of the barrel scum that blatantly controls the market, hacks accounts and completely don't care what happens to the gamer after the transaction is complete.

If I ever see a gamer in WoW bragging about buying gold (guild chat in particular) I immediently call him out.

Seriously though (final point I promise), half the content (more actually) is designed around getting better gear by means of farming gear OR getting drops. Gold sellers take those aspects out of the equation and thus effictivly reduce game content, socialization and the rewards aspect.

Congratulations gold sellers, your continuing to fuck up an amazing genre even further. And shame on those who support them, whether it be via expression or action.