Wii 2, Wii HD, Wii 3D? Sorry, Nintendo, Still Don't Care

From the regular reanimation of the corpses of tired, old franchises like Mario and Zelda, to the non-stop diarrhea stream of party games for the Wii, to the misogynistic reimagining of Samus Aran for Metroid: Other M, to finally the pathetic launch titles for the Nintendo 3DS, I really don’t have a lot of love to spare for the developer. Why should a Wii 2 be any different?

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TheStonedSheep2833d ago

Yeah, Nintendo has fallen from grace in my eyes, they've realised that casual gamers buy more crap, and that it isn't worth the money to try and make a quality product.

ChickeyCantor2833d ago

They have made enough quality titles.

Seriously, wtf is wrong with the likes of you?
Of course Casual stuff sells a load, why do you think Ps2 had tons of 'm ( yeah but Ps2 also had good games, no one is denying that so STFU).

People like you need to GROW THE F UP. And stop being so goddamn juvenile.

TheStonedSheep2833d ago

Really, @sidar, really? How many quality titles is enough? Because from my perspective the PS3, 360 and PC have about 10 times the number of brilliant games than the Wii.

And don't even get me started on multiplayer . . .

TheStonedSheep2833d ago

Really @sidar, that's it "STFU", I thought you were going to list all of the reasons why the Wii is so brilliant, apparently you couldn't be buggered.

ChickeyCantor2833d ago

Funny how you go " I thought you were going to list all of the reasons why the Wii is so brilliant"

While your initial point was "no good software".
You sir are a joke, and therefore the "STFU" was in place.

You like so many others don't even know why you are upset and just blurt out one thing and then during the discussion you involve/mention other stuff which were not relevant to the case.


TheStonedSheep2831d ago

Sorry, I was implying that as you didn't mention any of the numerous reasons why the Wii is so great, that they're were none, and so far you have failed to prove otherwise.

I don't understand how I am a joke, seeing as a console is only as good as it's software (which for the Wii is relatively poor) so my point was entirely justified.

Nor am I upset, I have never owned a Wii and never will so I have lost nothing from the demise of the Wii in the eyes of hardcore community. I do think however that it is a shame that such a reputable company has fallen from it's graces.

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maxcavsm2833d ago

Wow, and look at the fan boys line up wearing their Mario hats and their Zelda bedsheets. Good lord.


Shok2833d ago

The Wii actually has more exclusives scored 8/10+, last time the research was done, which was in January I believe.

meganick2831d ago

Actually, Nintendo released a lot of quality games on the Wii. It was mainly third party developers that dropped the ball and put out a crap load of shovelware.

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Shnazzyone2833d ago

wow, flame article.

Obviously someones alliances are threatened by a new nintendo console.

Shok2833d ago

Lol, the company that makes the best games of all time gets so much's sad.

Hideous2833d ago

Total bullshit. The Wii has a long list of great titles that would, if you were you to sit down and finish them all, take you a hell of a long time to master. It also brought us motion controls, an innovation just like the 3ds is innovating with its glasses-less 3D.

All this generations consoles have insurmountable piles of shit games available for them that appeal to the casual gamer. Mel B's fitness workout for PS3 anyone?

You need to perhaps give a little respect to such a massive force in gaming as Nintendo. Im off to play Sin and Punishment 2 on my Wii now...because it fucking rocks

browngamer42833d ago

Nintendo hater,Flaimbaiter,punk biatch? Sorry dude still don't care about your piece of shite article.

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