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Joni-Ice2929d ago

Does anyone know if this is PC or console version?

dirthurts2929d ago

PC. You can tell by the movement.

TheLeprachaun2929d ago

I'm hoping if the new nintendo console gets this game it looks this good!

fluffydelusions2929d ago

Argh. I thought this would be new footage. It's just all the trailers tacked together. :(

BattleAxe2929d ago

Looks absolutely incredible. This is going to be the first PC game that I've ever pre-ordered. Its nice to have something to get this excited about when it comes to shooters.

BeastlyRig2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

lol you won't see the console version for awhile!

After Battlefield 3 & Red Orchetra 2 What else is needed??

FishCake9T42929d ago

The trailer was awesome but i expected all new gameplay, not all of the fault line trailers put together.

Wuu2929d ago

console, are you kidding?

I_find_it_funny2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )


it's time to fire mah lazer

Pixel_Pusher2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Felt like I was watching CNN there for a min. Game is beyond anything I could have imagined. It's a fucking masterpiece.

Day 1 no question.

I will have my gaming rig by the time this comes out.


Yeah no. The only competition this kills is COD and all military based shooters. Resistance and Killzone I'll be playing along with BF3.

But you're right, COD is fucking dead....bub-bye Activision/Trey/Sleg/IW/Respaw and fuck you for all the lag.

"I'm smart. I took my pants off before watching this."

fav youtube comment. ^_^

Perjoss2929d ago

Nice the way they don't have music everywhere, good environmental sound effects instead. If previous BF games are anything to go by we are in for a real treat in the sound department.

Headquarters112929d ago

Meh, just another shooter. Who cares.

Muffins12232929d ago

pc, movement is more sharper on pc.Consoles will look similaire to this just not as smooth and slitted downgraded in everything where you can barly tell a difference with out comparing it side by side to pc version

starchild2928d ago

This is definitely PC footage, just as the previous shorter videos were.

Don't worry, though, the console versions should still look good. However, I won't be surprised if there is screen tearing and lots of jaggies just like the Bad Company games on consoles.

The game is looking absolutely amazing in any case and I can't wait to play it. Battlefield is back!

inveni02928d ago

Even without PC graphics, the console versions should be a blast to play. This game is looking pretty intense.

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Solid_Snake-2929d ago

R.I.P halo,killzone,call of duty,resistance,crysis. you will be missed lol.

just_looken2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

YAWN this is just a gold ford pickup


egidem2929d ago

The sad part is while we complain to Bobby and Activision so that they can fix games (like PS3's Black Ops), come up with new innovative ideas instead of recycling, they are laughing at us on their way to the bank with yet again bags full of millions. Dice on the other hand knows what they are doing.

These guys make an awesome strategic game known as Battlefield. Sad part is this game will be full of Call of Duty fanboys who camp all day and think that there's something wrong with the guns they are using; constantly running around thinking that it's just reaction based shooting.

Thatguy-3102929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

@ egidem

Sad part is you thinking that COD noobs will trade COD for this... There is no way that it will happen..It's sucks but it's the truth..and even of they do pick this game up they won't stay with it for long because they both play differently..Let's just say COD is more addicting, easy to play, etc. I think the only ones that can make a COD Killer is the new respawn studio...Hopefully there new game gets shown on E3!!!

vickers5002928d ago

Right on! Call of Duty sucks and whatnot! Everything is better than Call of Duty! F*ck people with different tastes and preferences, they're idiots for not thinking how we think and liking exactly what we like and hating what we hate!!!

(am I kewl enough to join your awesome "I hate call of duty" club yet?)

R6ex2929d ago

My next Gaming PC ... Intel Sandy Bridge – E CPU + Nvidia Kepler GPU in SLI ... drool.

Bring on BF3!

JsonHenry2929d ago

Can't wait to see the benchmarks using this game. I have an HD5870 but something tells me I will need horsepower to run this game maxed. I've wanted an excuse for a new video card for over a year now. Guess I have one finally!

Parasyte2928d ago

You're right about needing more power. This is exactly the same footage that DICE showed before, and I believe they said they were using a GTX580.

hesido2928d ago

I don't think you need more than HD5870 to *enjoy* the game. Unless your definition of enjoyment is pretty much running a game maxed, not playing it. I mean, come on, HD5870 is a helluva card.

GrandMaxPain2928d ago

as gorgeous as graphics look, I think a 5870 can easily handle the game. I dont think its any heavier than the first crysis.

JsonHenry2928d ago

@hesido - I never said anything about enjoying the game. I just said I have been wanting and excuse to upgrade and it looks like I might finally have one.

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Off topic.....Can any one pls help me.In dead space 2 level 5 in the place where u see the thing spinning and u are supposed to go float and go up how do i go it...I press L3 and R3 but it dose not work, And even when i slow down the thing spinning...What im i ment to do....Ive been stuck here for hours...Pls Reply or PM me...Thank u

trancefreak2928d ago

@ Mint thanks for the link much smoother for me than youtube,

DeadlyFire2928d ago

This game has everything FPS gamers love. Well almost.

Either way. I love it. Night combat. Jets back in action. Top notch graphics.

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Hairy Chewie2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Pretty much. Petty safe to say that in terms of graphics, CoD won't even be in the same league. That was just awesome.

Asgaro2929d ago

Strange Activision hasn't showed any screenshots or gameplay from their next COD yet. It's also gonna release end of this year.

I can't but think they are afraid of seeing the negative comments, since every shooter fan will compare it with BF3 :D

On the sales side... I think COD is still gonna outsell BF3, although I would HATE that situation.
It's just that COD is so popular, every damn kid knows about that franchise.
I know BF3 will sell lots and will be more well known than BFBC2, but topping the best sold videogame franchise is the world...

badz1492929d ago

there's no special reason really. they are just waiting for E3 and announce the time exclusive DLC for 360. rinse and repeat every year!

hesido2928d ago

Activision doesn't do demos, doesn't do betas for COD, at least pre-launch. They release the beta at launch, everybody buys it.

(It is partly true that when 10 million people play it, the'll find lots of bugs and glitches, but it doesn't mean they shouldn't do betas. There were some glaring bugs reported around the web which I think would be revealed even with a beta of 10k people.)

Thatguy-3102929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

No!!! COD isn't going to R.I.P ..ppl really need to stop saying that..terms of quality then yea I agree many past FPS have proven how COD is garbage but unfortunetaly the next COD game will sell more, and be played more than BF3...Don't believe me? then you must really be an ignorant gamer...

espiritu6042929d ago

sure it will sell more but is Cod worth buying?

SkyCrawler2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

it'll sell well bc those that don't actually think about what theyre getting have that "it game" mentality sadly. its the same with the previous madden games.

Vermillion2928d ago

Yeah, also other reasons are that BF3 won't support WinXP and will only run on good PCs (If it can run better than CoD, I don't mind).

espiritu6042929d ago

Whatd be cool is its like taking places with different soldiers in every chapter and in different places and all the playable soldiers die a greusome cool death.

giant building falling on them

torture chamber

getting eaten by dogs

grenade explosion showing detached lower body

inthe last level where you think the last playable soldier will die but didnt and survived and the plot is solved and stuff or there could be an alternate ending.

ismejks2929d ago

The graphics is really sick feel like early next gen level i suppose.

InFAMOUS12929d ago

It is sick.. Don't forget this is on PC though.

I love the that dirt is kicked up every time a boot hits the ground.

The A.I does look a lil lack luster but this is pre-alpha code.

I don't like the fact that you can shoot cars with bullets to blow them up...

Overall though, this is already miles ahead of any other shooter on the market and will hopefully give CoD franchise something to think about...

B00M2929d ago

Yeh bullets wont make a car blow up like that. Other than that though, looks awesome.

badz1492929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

the AI is kinda dumb! and I don't think a single rocket can open a hole THAT huge either! nitpickings, I know but...why not? this is about to shoot for the best fps ever, right?

a_bro2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )


Kingdom Come2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

The Sheer sophistication taken with the game is sublime. The attention to detail regarding every aspect of the game, the movement of the character, the realism of his surroundings. The game looks simply stunning. And, I, being a hater of Modern War FPS's give DICE a round of applause. The prospect of the "Fault Line" gameplay footage being taken from a single mission is haunting, just pondering on the fact that DICE have touched upon just a handful of what is to come... I'm blown away. I for one hope that this is the installment that propels DICE's franchise to the success of the undeserving Call of Duty franchise. It is talents such as this that do not deserve to go unrewarded...

I look forward to the Multiplayer Reveal at E3 2011.