DICE: Consoles are holding PC gaming back

While DICE’s current highly-anticipated project Battlefield 3 being developed with the power of PCs being in mind, as a lead platform, the Swedish studio believes that consoles are naturally bottlenecking the development of PC games.

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Nate-Dog2742d ago

Title is a little misleading: "PCs are way more powerful than the consoles today and there are actually almost zero games out there that actually use the benefits of this."

I can understand where they're coming from though. Beginning at the PC and using everything they have to make it the best they can, and then "scaling back" to the consoles as they say sounds like a fair idea, sounds like that way everyone gets a good deal regarding what each platform can take and can do, that way PC users don't get shafted and console users could actually end up with a better game than expected since they might have hit a point if they did it the other way around and said "no we won't go any further". (Does that make sense? Half of my posts sound like gibberish to me sometimes.)

cakeisalie2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

The way its going it will just result in PC gamers not picking up console ports at full price. Many of us have started waiting for discounts to buy games now. Since i think its unjustified to pay even 50usd for console ports, let alone 60usd which EA and Activision want to charge.

Also it will impact purchases of PC hardware, as anyone who bought hardware as much as 2-3 years ago doesnt need to upgrade.

After hearing the recent Wii 2 anouncements and rumors of it using a 4000series Ati GPU, if Sony and MS follow a simular suit where they plan to make profits day one, even if they went with 5000series GPUs. Most PC gamers of today will have little reason to upgrade even 2-3 years from now.

Overall i think it will lead to a stagnation in the industry in terms of hardware progress and games.

captain-obvious2742d ago

lol @ that pic
and yes i do agree with DICE

Bigpappy2742d ago

DICE can just make they games PC exclusive. or make 2 versions.

ChozenWoan2742d ago

... it was Vista.

Until Win7 came out, Vista was the top of the line OS. And as everyone knows, it was also one of the buggiest, non hardware compatible, unstable pieces of dren this side of the Hynerian Empire. Thus, why few games where released that attempted to push the limits during Vista's reign.

Now that Win7 is out and DX11 is standard, the only thing holding back PC gaming is devs.

jony_dols2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

If DICE are going to continue whining about consoles, then why do they not develop exclusively on PC?

I'll tell you why. Because they like money.

I wish they would shut up talking about consoles weaknesses, and actually start optimizing games for it. When I see games such as Uncharted 3 running on these outdated machines, I think its renders a lot of DICE's points invalid.

It isn't all about Hardware, its about the Software, and how well its coded. Just because they don't support DX11, it doesn't mean they aren't capable of pumping out excellent graphics. If DICE take pride in themselves as world class developers, then they should at least match Sony's 1st party efforts when they are working on the PS3.

Did Bad Company's 2 visuals come anywhere close to matching Killzone 3's graphics on the PS3? No. So set yourself a target DICE and beat it.

Btw, I'll be playing Battlefield in DX11 on my gaming rig. But as a console owner as well, DICE are starting to piss me off with their negative attitude.

Enate2742d ago

cakeisalie I think you are stretching the upgrade thing. My 275GTX turned 2 years old the fourth of this month. I am getting horrible fps on Dragon Age II on 1280 x 768. So yes I need to upgrade and that was before the 2 year mark.

gamingdroid2742d ago

It's all about optimization and unfortunately, the user base size and gazillion different specs of PC rigs that prevents devs from putting in serious resources.

PC Games get pirated more, is cheaper to buy, get's discounted faster and is far easier to hack/cheat which increases maintenance cost.

Devs might hold it back, but it is the market (read you customers) and hardware developers (read too many variations) that creates that environment!

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fluffydelusions2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

I think the main issue devs see with developing with PC as lead and making the graphics top notch is that the PC gaming market is smaller when you compare it to the two consoles so will all that extra effort and time be worth it and pay off? Just my opinion.

Vherostar2742d ago

Honestly even if the title is misleading onto the point of the title. I think PC gaming should finally bow out now anyways. I think times are changing. Theres a reason casual is taking over and games are a lot cheaper. They say its piracy but its due to the dwelling market people won't pay big bucks for games anymore except the hardcore players as most the gamers of old have moved onto consoles purely because they got sick of the constant upgrade costs and its easier to play on a console.

The day PC gaming dies the better it will be for consoles and it will happen though PC gamers will disagree with me but this is my opinion.I been around a while now and seen computers/consoles comes and go and see the PC failing and people only using them for social and casual games. So if anything PC gaming is holding consoles back... Plus hacking and piracy is RAMPANT on PC which nobody can deny and theres no way to fix it.

Oh and a thanks to smartphones and tablets a lot of people are starting to even get rid of pcs altogether now to save on room.

-Alpha2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Why on earth would you want PC gaming to bow out?? Have you seen the Steam figures? PC Gaming is very popular across the whole world, it is not dying.

And the day console gaming dies it will be better for PC gaming. The day anything dies it will benefit the other companies. PC has been around since the beginning, it has no reason to die when exclusives sell like hotcakes (show me a game as old as Warcraft that is still as popular today).

I can't believe you think PC gaming is holding console gaming back-- it's like you want casualization and think PC gaming is holding that back. As long as hardcore gamers who want a straight up experience are around, PC Gaming and hardcore console gaming isn't going anywhere, no matter how many gimmicks are thrown at consumers.

So what if piracy is rampant on PC? Lots of people still buy games, once again, look at the Steam figures.

Rikan2742d ago

Been around awhile, eh? lol Uh, yeah.. You have PC's to thank for console games. Pc gaming will never 'bow out', as they lead the way in graphical development and always will. If anything, from what Ive seen, PC games are making a come back.
None of what you said makes any sense. Might as well stamp 'console gamer' on your head. If you know anything about hardware/software and graphical development, the fact consoles hurt PC gaming is obvious. Don't even get me started about DX11 based games....

Anon19742742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Consoles aren't holding PC games back - resources are holding PC games back. Do they have any idea how much time, talent and money goes into creating the types of games that push modern PC specs? Creating top tier games that push PC's is simply impractical - and it's not just PC's. With the amount of power that our consoles push developers are almost in a constant state of folding after each game is released. Trying to play up to those specs can easily bankrupt a company.
Look at Take Two, for example. Even with the massive success of Bioshock, Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead, etc... they're constantly in a state of near bankruptcy, usually only kept afloat by a timely release of a new Grand Theft Auto title. And these games don't even push the envelope for newer PC's.

And I don't get those clamoring for the next gen of consoles. Company's struggle to make titles worthy of consoles as is. While I'm all for a new gen of uber powerful consoles, in reality how many developers will be able to push the limits of those consoles without spending themselves into an early, fiscal grave?

lelo2play2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

"DICE: Consoles are holding PC gaming back"

No Shit...

PS3 is almost 5 years old...
X360 is almost 6 years old...
Wii is almost ... nevermind, doesn't count.

Please DICE, don't screw the PC version of BF3...

MysticStrummer2742d ago

Devs hold PC gaming back. End of story.

The_KELRaTH2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

I wonder how things would have gone if PC devs had squeezed as much out of PC graphics as they do for current games consoles.

Just think how impressive a mainstream level PC would have looked if 5+ years ago we were seeing currant console graphics quality but without the memory and storage limitations.

The industry/publishers got what it wanted though by going console: an increase in game prices, reduction in initial game content, all but totally removing user content so they could sell their own add-on content, reduced cost of development time as hardware stagnant.

And just to make things worse for the PC one of those console manufacturers also has the monopoly on PC development..... still more important to make sure there's no monopoly on web browsers!

DOMination2742d ago

Minor correction: PS3 is holding PC development back. Crysis 2 on 360 (the best looking console game ever confirmed by all the big names in the industry) proves it.

In all seriousness though before all you PS3 loving dicks steal imaginary bubbles, DICE are right but there havent been many games that have tested either hd console to the max so a new gen isn't really needed. PC gamers can carry on being pretentious pricks and deal with it as punishment for the piracy crimes

MysticStrummer2742d ago

Devs hold PC gaming back. Pretentious pricks hold gamers back. Judging by your laughable first statement, you're one of the latter. No honest person with functional vision thinks C2 is the best looking game on consoles. Resolution, AA, and framerate actually do factor in. You may like the art style best, but you can't possibly think it looks best in a technical sense.

stonecold32742d ago

killzone 3 was better than crysis2 on consoles if anything goes by the 360 is holding the ps3 back games most entire this gen games like ff13 had to be downgrade because of the 360 hardware limitations

Speakindatruth2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

We could argue either side. 360 held FFXIII back--in fact, it's the main reason the game was released a year late and became so linear. 360 held GTAIV back, and making both games shitty ports because the 360 couldn't handle the processing power and the PS3 ran on ported code. 360 held Crysis 2 back on the PS3 for not being developed first on PS3. To make it a little more fair, the PS3's processor could've handled an open world Crysis 2, but since the 360's got all the hype it's derailed the abilities of the PS3 and PC. PS3 games are much better when they're ported straight from PC, and in my humble opinion, third party games generally run the same when they're done this way and then ported to the 360. In fact, you should be happy, because if it weren't for the PS3, your third party games would run like shit graphically. The 360 has shitty processing power, we all know it, and we could argue it holds the PS3 and PC back so far it's not fucking funny. Why do you think the 360 has so many framerate spikes? Or you got RRODs? You're shit console can't handle shit when it comes to raw power.
Of course, the PS3 also holds the 360 and PC back with it's lesser graphics unit. 256MB of DDR3 still doesn't cut it Sony, and it shows when you're even getting spikes playing KZ2&3. To make matters worse, ports are even shittier on a more expensive console. WTF Sony. Brands don't sell fucking consoles. QUALITY sells. God knows I'd rather be playing games on my PC. I mean, you even got Unreal Tournament 3 first, and that shit was awful! If you'd ever played FEAR 1 or 2... you probably know how bad framerate can be when devs suck at porting. Haze was a terrible game btw, no wonder nobody wanted your console. Sure you can run games better, but it's so damn hard to make them because the games have to have worse shaders and other shit! Thanks Sony, for your piece of shit console. I bought it at launch for $600 when my 360 RROD'd.
All in all, only one thing really holds PC gaming back--it's general ultimatum, in a sense. This terrible force? Well, it's not the Wii, I'll tell you. Its... PIRACY! Yes, because since piracy has begun, it has absorbed over half of the PC gaming market, and detracted devs. So they dev on consoles. It's not developers fault. It's people who steal. Or, in the anon way of saying it "copy". It's illegal and it's wrong, and it's why the PC industry is failing.
We just need a new fucking generation of damn consoles. PS4, Xbox III, and... the Wii2 is going to be the equivalent of mini PS360.

the_best_player2742d ago

just give the console versions lower res textures.

walker012742d ago

I see what they mean but developers are starting to make serious money with the current get because of its now high install base. If they move to Ps4, xbox3 and pc then they would have a much smaller potencial market which would give them a much smaller budget for making games

awi59512740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Off topic


lol at the Farscape reference. Great show everyone should go back and watch it and Lexx best underrated scifi shows.

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Jacobite2742d ago

DICE: Consoles are holding PC gaming back, true few games comes to mind Crysis 2 ,CoJ Bloodties,Fear 2, COD BO etc not bad games but you can tell that the console market was 1rst thought not saying thats a bad thing but devs should push all platforms to their strengths. Crysis 2 DX9 whats that about ay least they could have supported DX10 and drop the stupid press F to look lol still a fun game. Roll on BF3

badboy8082742d ago

Don't you mean the 360 and wii.

GameOn2742d ago

I believe he meant to include that old tech you game on also.

BeastlyRig2742d ago

You do know ps3 version also can only handle 24 players in BF3 do you? Why not have new consoles & join the 1080p era? Then PC will be in the 1920x1200 era!

fluffydelusions2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Yeah and then when new consoles launch, PC only guys will still complain because by then even better hardware will be out and we will be in the exact same position as we are now. Look, hardware is constantly updated and by the time something new is released it's already bested by something else. It's just the way it is. No sense in releasing a new console every time new hardware is out. This gen is going fine as is. Tons of great games that look phenomenal this year. If you are just after graphics game on PC but as a PC/PS3 gamer I can tell you it doesn't really matter that much.

awi59512740d ago

Dude pc res are far higher than 1080P hell my cards go up to 2560x1600. Just the monitors to run that high are expensive as crap.

omi25p2742d ago

how do you have more than one bubble??

KillerPwned2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

PS3 is great and all but all the hardware in every console is out dated now. I do see some potential still but plain and simple hardware becomes outdated quick.

Vherostar2742d ago

That's the main issue with all consoles but its up to the devs to get the most out of it. Look at FFVII nobody ever thought we would get them kind of graphics out of the PS1 then they came out with FFVIII and beat them again.

badboy8082742d ago

PS3 is still pushing out the greatest looking games of all times. God Of War 3 Graphics and Scale is unmatched to this day and uncharted 3 will set bar once released thats my point. Not to mention no other platform uses bluray.

iamgoatman2742d ago


GOW and the like may look nice for a CONSOLE title, but they're still running at 720p (or lower) at 30FPS, which is the kind of performance you can expect from games if you're using a LOW end PC GPU, and by that I mean pretty damn slow by todays standard. Plus for a lot of console games to look as good as they do they have to take shortcuts to compensate for the lack of power available. God of War 3 using a fixed camera angle for example, along with AA methods like MLAA which can cover up the jaggies with minimal performance loss, but in turn blur the image, making it inferior to other more traditional methods of AA used on PC.

Now if you compare those games to recent PC titles theres quite a large gap, and still the majority aren't really pushing the hardware on offer at all. We've got to the point where mid range GPUs can easily max out the first Crysis, which is still considered one of, if not the best looking game to date. Now take a very high end GPU like a Ati 6990 or a Nvidia 580GTX which can be twice or more times as powerful as the mid range card, like an Ati 5850 that can max Crysis out, which in turn is roughly 3/4 times more powerful than a 8800GT (low end card) which is again considerably more powerful than the GPU in either the PS3 or 360 and you get a picture of how outdated the consoles are.

Also I've never understand the argument about "scale" in terms of the size of objects on screen as if it was demanding on hardware some how. Having something large on screen doesn't require more power so isn't some staple of graphics/hardware capability. "Scale" having an effect on performance is say having large open maps, like Crysis or BF3's multiplayer maps, not some 200 hundred foot monster that you as a spec jump around on.

And lastly, Blu-ray is irrelevant in terms of PC performance as all data has to be installed and read from a HDD anyway, so the limit for the size of a PC game is simply how big your hard drive is. Plus with Digital distribution being so popular on PC these days, who needs discs anyway?

Theonetheonly2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

@ iamgoatman

Wow dude what you just articulated is a subject that i gave up on soo long ago.

everything you said was correct absolutely it was accurate and even verifiable if you wanted to make a thread about it, but what i find most odd is how you have 7 disagrees, when you didn't say OMGPCFTW you just brought the facts and i guess the average comment skimmer doesn't get it? or maybe it cant be true.

seriously though everything you said was 100% accurate and a very clear picture of the reality. you have my full support and backup, been around this stuff for a long time have run a computer repair shop for the last 8 years and i tell you. one of the hardest things to do is describe to the customers why they need an upgrade. they just don't get the concept. and to make matters worse is when somebody is a "backseat" computer guru and you have to explain to them how their understanding of what they are talking about is flawed.

anyways newegg is selling the 5670 crossfire ready for $99.99.... $69.99 with rebate for less than $150 so you can have a Crossfire rig turning 1200p @80fps outta crysis 2 and ready for more.

KillerPwned2741d ago


That graphics card you pointed out is a great graphics card i have two of them in my PC. But if you wanna get that card i recommend getting this one.

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TheKindRoost2742d ago

Lamest excuse in the industry. Consoles aren't, it's devs themselves that are holding it back. With the time they spend on bitching about console being underpowered, they could use it to make more games dedicated to pc.

theonlylolking2742d ago

True. If devs started to ignore consoles instead of complaining then sony and M$ would upgrade. Since devs are still supporting the consoles sony and M$ do not have to send out the next gen.

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