Good Game: Crysis 2 review

New York has been invaded by aliens...AHHHH!

You're just a marine caught up in the mess and are critically wounded in the heat of battle. A super soldier called Prophet sacrifices himself, gives you his suit, and sets you on a path to stop the infestation and save humanity.

If the video below doesn't work, the review transcript can be found at the source.

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earbus2745d ago

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Gamescares2744d ago

So these guys don't make the video available for anyone outside their country? What a stupid load of twot, way to lose hits guys, what are you fucking racist or something? Youtube has some bandwidth you know, free it up for the people or fuck right off!

floetry1012744d ago

You should realise that many people outside of the US can't watch YOUR videos. Don't be so close-minded.

SolidMGSnake2744d ago

cant see video? Thanks idiots. That chic looks hot

earbus2744d ago

You can watch the show on iview website abc2 .