FTG Review: Rift: Is Rift the World of Warcraft Killer We've Been Waiting For?

A massive review of Rift, written by a dyed-in-the-wool World of Warcraft addict, complete with personalized screenshots and video footage! Is Rift the legendary "WoW Killer"?

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Spinal4312d ago

No. It's the 'waiting' game til SWTOR and Guild Wars 2 arrives. watch Rift die in subs when SWTOR comes this year.

maxcavsm4312d ago

Oooh, that's actually a good point. That's going to be an interesting day with ToR comes out...

V0LT4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )


lastdual4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

At this point, WoW is like Facebook. It's a social network as much as a game.

I think Rift looks good, but being a good game isn't enough to make something a "WoW killer". Drawing those types of comparisons just doesn't make sense anymore.

AmigoSniped4312d ago

I am really intersted in picking this up. Doubt I will though

Spinal4312d ago

dont waste your time or money, it's certainly no WoW killer. I played the beta an its just a WoW/Warhammer clone.

Trolol4312d ago

Warhammer/WoW/Aion Clone

EvilC4312d ago

Hmm its more like a EQ clone if anything wow was not the first buddy