Gemaga Readers Choose Halo: Reach Over Final Fantasy In Japan

You’d think that in Japan the number 1 game would be something related to Final Fantasy or Monster Hunter. Not so with Gemaga readers.

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anubis562745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

well, the game is definitely more fun and satisfying than FFXIII tbh...

Simon_Brezhnev2745d ago

something must be wrong with that list im pretty sure more japanese plays play blazblue on ps3 than 360

TronEOL2745d ago

That's one magazine that is probably very Xbox360 oriented. Because I honestly do not believe anything on the 360 is being played more than anything on the PS3 in Japan. Not to mention a game as "gung-ho America" as Halo: Reach is.

I call BS.

chidori6662745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

such a let down game is ff in this days.

man, in the house of Final Fantasy Halo dominates!

anasurimbor2745d ago

Yeah, not really surprising considering FF sucks now.

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