Kotaku - The Great Big ‘Wii 2′ Rumor Round-Up

Kotaku - Nintendo's successor to the wildly successful Wii looks like it's going to be officially revealed at E3 2011—if not sooner—based on numerous reports that the company's next generation console is real, really powerful and already in the hands of video game developers.

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k-dillinger2742d ago Show
Relientk772742d ago

Im glad they put all the rumors in one place. There has been so many rumors about this system its ridic. Definitely looking to hearing more about it. At this point I'm leading towards getting it.

N4g_null2742d ago

Man battle field could use some nintendo hd.

The only people shunning nintendo are the fanboys. The casual tend to buy what they like and ignore things they don't.

Man you guys must be pretty mad. Every One knows tech always wins the hardcore they are not loyal.

Why be mad at all?

cemelc2742d ago

Actually good games are the one that actually wins the hardcore.

Look at valve none of their games are powerhouses in graphics department, but they are good. It doesnt matter if you play consoles or PC as long as it has good games then youll go there.

jadnice2742d ago

If this is true..... Nintendo got me back as a Fan. I turned my back on Nintendo and bought my first none Nintendo gaming system (PS3) due to my great disappointment with the Wii.... that kind of gaming is just not for me.

I guess its now a waiting game leading up to what could be the biggest E3 conference for Nintendo.

AWBrawler2742d ago


They didn't say it aims like a wii remote, they said it can be used as a sensor bar, which could mean that the top of it or bottom has sensors, so that you can place the control like you would a wii sensor bar, and use your Wiimotes on project café.

sounds like a nintendo idea.

N4g_null2741d ago

Actually your close. Your going to like it though. That's all I can say. Another thing is the rumors is confusing a lot of folks. The gpu is extremely Efficient. It's like a r700 yet setup like the newer gpus. There is no way in hell that the real r700 can do shader spec 4.1. The current console can barely do shader spec 3.0.

Also this chipset gets rid of a lot of junk. I also think nintendo is giving out upgraded hardware as we speak which is why rumor are conflicting.

Also if you are using a current engine that is not shader spec 4.1 then guess what it won't look as good. There are some real goodies in this next console.

AWBrawler2741d ago

Lol just how close was I? Lol