Digital Foundry - The Making of Crysis 2

EuroGamer - It's been just over three weeks since Crytek released its first proper game in three years. With Crysis 2, the Frankfurt-based developer has delivered a technically excellent, graphically superb shooter that is groundbreaking in many respects. It delivers state-of-the-art visuals, effects and physics onto five-year-old console architecture, and in stark contrast to its predecessor it manages to run extremely well even on relatively middle-of-the-road PCs.

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Mandaspt2839d ago

Great game, great article.

InTheKnow2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

As usual, it takes a REAL game dev to set the record straight. I like digital foundry BUT they have to stop making up their own technical language/lexicon every time they run into something they don't understand.

The water effects and lighting are some of the best this gen. Can't wait to see what Kingdoms looks like at E3, it could be a show stopper/stealer this year especially since it's exclusive to the 360/console. Cevat Yerli has said it will impress. After Crysis 2, I won't doubt Crytek again.

Active Reload2838d ago

Incredible game indeed! People are silly to think otherwise...

andron2839d ago

Good game, ok article.

Crytek have done a good job getting Crysis to run on consoles. But there are drawbacks I wish they would have addressed in the article.

1. Framerate issues, making full out action difficult in some busy levels. Also makes it hard to play for extended periods for some of us.

2. AI issues. I have only played the game after the first patch, but I have seen enemies running on the spot because they can't get past an ally or some object.

DaTruth2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

They also gave away the fact that the PS3 version was for all intents and purposes, a port! If you are gonna run code through the PS3 virtually the same way you're running it through the PC/360, it is a port.

They refer to utilizing the video memory for almost everything and speak a lot about running out of memory, not being able to use main memory and not being able to offload a lot of tasks to the Cell/SPUs like the Sony first party devs because of their programming methods(PC/360 centric)

andron2838d ago

Well the article didn't make it sound like the PS3 version was a port. They say they worked on all 3 versions at the same time.

And both consoles have very limited memory compared to PCs. Crysis 2 would run much better on PS3 if it was only made for one platform, same with the other versions, but this was a multi platform game so there is no use thinking like that.

There had to be made compromises on the console versions and I hope Crytek will learn from this if they chose to make further console titles...

TurboGamer2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

An article explaining how the cryengine was degraded to work on consoles and trying to coverup the fact that crytek is indeed a sell out to consoles.

eg: "We could not have created a game with the scope, scale, and multiplayer features of Crysis 2 if it were a PC-only title", wake up crytek you already made such a game witch is way better, its called crysis 1/warhead remember?

The article go's on to explain how they ported features from the xbox to ps3....if you've read the whole article and are a fan of crysis 1 and warhead you would feel my rage.

BeastlyRig2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

BF3 ftw!! & it tis > crysis 2!

And they talk about scale? o_o last time I checked it was a smaller game than the first!! But they got what they wanted call of duty/halo xbox fans...

sonicsidewinder2839d ago

Console trash that's unfinished.

Counter Strike2839d ago

Cant wait to see what Crytek does when working exclusively to one consoles... is gonna blow my mind.

TurboGamer2839d ago

codename kingdoms for xbox 360, a hint at where cryteks future is thanks to m$oft.

Active Reload2838d ago

As long as they stay in business, I don't care whose paying them.