KINECTaku: Gamestation Release List Outs "Forza 4 Preview" (Xbox 360 / Kinect)

Most racing game fans will know what to expect from Forza Motorsport 4 — it'll be the third Forza game on Xbox 360 after all — but if a recent release schedule from UK retailer Gamestation is to be believed we may get the chance to take home a slice of the game before its release.

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Squatch832794d ago

Paying for demos?
Bad enough with GT.

humbleopinion2794d ago

This is shit. No point paying for a preview when the actual game is out so soon - unless that preview is given for free to those who pre-order the actual game.

BlmThug2794d ago

Depends On How Much It Costs, Under £10 Will Be Great